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French Model 12 shelf lamp (early 1930's)


French Aladdin model 12 shelf lamp


This is a model 12 oil pot lampthat has been modified for use as a shelf lamp and was evidently offered for sale exclusively into the French market. These nickel plated lamps are fitted with an English model 12 burner and a French labeled chimney.

Though it is not officially documented, it appears that the Paris sales office contracted with independent manufacturer(s) to make specific French-only Aladdin products.  There are Lox-On chimneys with French markings as well.

  So far I know of three, one in Germany, one in the UK owned by John Whitehead and one in the US in my collection (formally owned by John Whitehead)


Aladdin model 12 oil pot lamp and French shelf lamp

The French model 12 lamp next to a standard model 12 oil pot.   Note the lamp on the left is  a little closer affecting the relative size in the picture.


Underside Aladdin model 12 oil pot lamp and French Aladdin lamp

There are several differences in the bottom the oil pot vs French shelf lamp.  The lower part of the French lamp was made from different tooling and the chime appears to be a little narrower than the standard US made model 12 oil pot.

French Aladdin model 12 shelf lamps

2 of the French model 12 shelf lamps side by side.  All photos on this page provided by John Whitehead.  The lamp on the left is now in my collection.



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