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Model 23 "American Classic" lamp Made from 1980 through 1990

Aladdin catalogue # C-6104

Aladdin model 23 lamp

The Aladdin American Classic is an updated white glass shelf lamp that was Aladdin's entry level glass lamp for 10 years.  It provided Aladdin with a fresh new look that went well with modern Americana furnishings.

The lack of a fill cap has long been considered a safety feature in the kerosene lamp industry. It evidently was not uncommon for people to attempt to refill a kerosene lamp while it was still burning.  This often resulted in the predictable fire.  Eliminating the separate fill cap made sure that a lamp was not refilled until the flame was extinguished and the burner was cool enough to hold.  Aladdin and other lamp manufacturers manufactured lamps without fill caps off and since the early 1940's.

Aladdin retail dealers had become few in number and many stocked few if any replacement parts.  Aladdin affixed this sticker to the bottom of some if not all American Classic lamps.

Aaddin lamp label

Aladdin lamp pattern

Here is a close up of the three flower version of the daisy and wheat decals applied to the American Classic lamp. 

Aladdin first started applying decals to white glass lamps in the 1940's.  Cleaning should be done carefully with water only or with a dish washing detergent so as not to damage the decal.

Aladdin American Classic model 23 lamp decal

This is the four flower version of the daisy and wheat decal.

Photo courtesy of Steve Fowler

A limited edition version of the Aladdin American Classic lamp was made for Eddie Bauer stores.  It was identical to the standard version except that it had a flying goose decal instead of the flower decal.


Eddie Bowers Aladdin lamp

All American Classic shelf lamps were provided with a made in Hong Kong model 23 burner that has a star stamped into the side.  Star stamped burners are considered to be the better burning of the made in Hong Kong lamps.  So these lamps can be functional as well as decorative.

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