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Genie II shelf lamp Made from 1990 and currently in production


Cobalt blue Aladdin Genie II lamp
Cobalt blue Genie II lamp. 2020 Limited edition
This lamp uses the new single thread collar.

The Aladdin  Genie II is Aladdin's entry level glass lamp, introduced in 1990. The lamp shape and pattern is similar to that of a lotus blossom or a water lily flower. The Aladdin Genie II lamp was introduced as a clear lamp with a model 23 burner.  It is currently available with the MaxBrite burner. In following years other colors were offered. These lamps do not have filler caps. You need to remove the burner to fill the lamp. This was a safety feature introduced in some versions of Model B lamps to keep people from trying to fill lamps while they were still burning.



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