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Aladdin model 23 short Lincoln drape table lamp Sold from 1974 through today

Aladdin model 23 table lamp
Undated amber lamp with burlap shade

Aladdin model 23 short Lincoln drape table lamp is a reissue of the model B short Lincoln drape lamps. They represent the first glass Aladdin lamps sold in the United States since the clear plain stem Washington drape (B-53) was discontinued in 1955. They have also been in production longer than any other Aladdin glass lamp.

The new lamps are easily told from the earlier lamps by the metal collar burner thread. The early issue has a glass collar with recessed metal threads.

To further minimize confusion, Aladdin started marking the foot of the new lamp with the year of manufacture. Early 1974 lamps were undated. Late 1974 lamps and all later lamps were dated.

Very early undated 1974 lamps were sold with Brazil model C burners.

The burlap shade was offered with the 1974 amber lamps.


The Aladdin short Lincoln drape lamps have been made in several colours. Besides the 5 colours shown below clear and emerald green are popular colours. There have been several limited edition colors produced as well as lamps with bowls and stems of different colour.

Aladdin mdel 23 lamp

Aladdin model 23 Short Lincoln drape table lamp

Aladdin short lincoln drape lamp

Aladdin model 23 short lincoln drape lamp

Model 23 short lincoln drape, pink


Taken as a group the model 23 short lincoln drape lamps represent most colourful version of Aladdin lamp ever and is the longest production glass lamp family. Some of the limited release and the red lamps are starting to appreciate.


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