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Aladdin Lamp Model 23 Lincoln drape shelf lamps Sold from 1975 through 1993

Aladdin Lamp shelf style



Aladdin model 23 Lincoln drape shelf lamps generally were low production limited release editions.

For instance the pink lamp shown was made in 1989 and was one of 500 made for the 1989 Aladdin knights annual gathering.

Most of these lamps started out in the hands of collectors and probably few come up for sale.

The first Lincoln drape shelf lamps were clear glass, made between 1975 and 1982 and had a wider distribution.

Colours were clear, amber, ruby, pink, sapphire blue and blue moonstone.

In addition there were very few experimental lamps made in vaseline glass, cobalt and carnival glass.

Aladdin had a number of other kinds of model 23 shelf lamps anchoring the bottom price position for glass lamps. The current low end shelf lamp is the Genie II.

Of course, the model 23 font lamps can also be used a shelf lamps.



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