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Model 23 Aluminum lamp sold in South Africa

(Approx. 1976 - 77)

Aladdin model 23 from South Africa
Photo courtesy of Bill Courter
From the Mystic Light vol 28, No. 1 May 2000
Original photo by Dane Gerneke

This lamp was made in Greenford England for sale by the Aladdin South Africa sales office. The lamp is aluminum and shares the same black plastic stem and aluminum base as does the UK model 23 aluminum table lamps. The bowl is unique to this lamp.

The finish appears to be black paint applied by a splatter process.

The burner is a standard English model 23 burner with a spring clip gallery. This burner combination was manufactured in 1976 and 1977 which dates the lamp.


Aladdim model C Brazil lamp sold in South Africa
Model C Brazil lamp sold new in South Africa

At the end of 1975 some steel model C Brazil burners were shipped to the UK to be reworked so that they would burn better. The reworked burners were given a new wick adjuster cover that just said "Aladdin".  Most of these burners were shipped back to America to be sold on American made aluminum lamp bodies. An unknown number of these reworked burners were placed on English made Aluminum table lamp founts and shipped to South Africa to be sold within the South African sales region.

The lamp pictured on the left has a reworked Brazil model C burner mounted on an English manufactured aluminum table fount.  This lamp was sold new in South Africa and has been in the same family since new.  Picture and provenance courtesy of Rob Orr.

Reworked Brazil model c burner sold new in South Africa
The hexagonal shaped wick adjuster knob marked only with the Aladdin name is diagnostic of the model C Brazil burners that were reworked in the UK.
Photo courtesy of Rob Orr.



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