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Aladdin UK Model B lamps



Aladdin UK model B table lamp
Photo by Peter Willborn

In the beginning of the 1930's Aladdin developed two new side draft burners to become replacements for the centre draft model 12 burners. They developed the model A burner for the North American market and the model B burner for the UK market. Changes in the UK tax laws made it imperative that Aladdin UK build burners there and not import them. The model A burner was intended to be sold in the North American region and the model B burner was intended to be a UK burner.

The model B tooling was shipped to Aladdin UK and production of the model A and model B UK lamps started within a few months of each other in 1932. American acceptance of the model A burner was generally poor reportedly because of the difficulties in rewicking the burner.

Aladdin responded to customer complaints by moving the model B tooling to the United States and the model A tooling to the UK.

The American model A burner was only offered in North America for a single lamp selling season until the supply of burners were exhausted. A run of US model A burners were made with UK markings on the wick adjustment knob so that Aladdin UK could have lamps to sell while they transitioned to the new tooling. Aladdin UK made some modifications to the Aladdin model A tooling and the UK model 14 burner was born.

When the model B tooling came to the US, minor changes were made and the Model B Chicago burner was born.

The Super Aladdin Model B lamp is a single year lamp that represents a double transition in Aladdin history.

Aladdin UL model B wick raiser knob
The wick adjustment knob on the Aladdin UK model B is slightly larger in diameter than the Aladdin Chicago model B wick adjustment knob.


Aladdin UK model B table lamp underside
Photo by Peter Willborn

The bottom of the table lamp may or may not be covered with green felt

It appears that early side draft table lamps manufactured in the UK all have radial strengthening ridges at the bottom of the bowl. Later model 14 lamps do not have these ridges.

Aladdin UK burner exploded view
This exploded view of an Aladdin UK model B burner shows the burner to be almost identical to the later US version.


Aladdin model B outer wick tube and air diffuser comparison
The only difference that I noted was the air diffuser to burner base locking attachment. The UK version has four slots to clear dimples punched into the burner base.
The US version has three slots to clear the dimples in the burner base. You need to have the correct outer wick tube assembly for the burner.





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