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Coleman Kero-Lite (Ker-O-Lite) Mantle Lamp, Model 160

Ker-O-Lite l

The Coleman Kero-Lite lamp was Coleman's only non pressurized kerosene mantle lamp sold in the U.S.

The lamp was introduced in 1939 and  stayed in production at least through WWII.  Montgomery Wards sold this lamp during the war years when they could no longer get brass bodied Mantle lamps. They started listing the lamp just before the start of WWII in their fall and winter 1941 catalogue.

The font is made of clear glass with a butterscotch off white paint fired on.  Care should be taken not to scratch the paint.  The lamp was available with an optional paper shade shown near the bottom of the page. 

The lamp came with a wick cleaner.  Unfortunately I do no have a picture of one yet.

Coleman literature refers to this lamp both as Kar-O-Lite and Kero-Lite   The marking on the lamp and parts boxes are Kero-Lite.

The lamp was advertised as about 45 Candle Power with 9 to 12 hour burning capacity. (Montgomery Ward)

Kar-O-Lite wick adjustment knob

Here are pdf copies of Coleman Kero-Lite patents:

  • Burner, U.S. Patent number 2,222,092 Issued Nov. 19, 1940 to Hiram Strong for the Coleman Lamp and Stove company. Applied for Feb. 6, 1939.
  • Mantle Holder , U.S. patent number 2,235,240 Issued Mar. 18, 1941 to Hiram Strong, applied for May 31, 1939
  • Mantle Bag ,  U.S. patent number 2,239,346 Issued April 22, 1941 to Hiram Strong, applied for May 27, 1939

Catalogue listing from the Montgomery Ward 1943 - 1944 Fall and Winter catalogue (pdf)
   Also lists replacement parts for E&G lamps sold just before the war.

Instruction booklet for Coleman Kero-Lite lamps (pdf)


Kero-Lite 160 ad


Karo-Lite 160 parts list

Coleman Kerolite burner and mantle

Kero-Lite burner with a correct Kero-Lite mantle attached.

The Kero-Lite flame spreader is almost indistinguishable from a Solar flame spreader even sitting side by side.  Both have a single vertical slot at the bottom (not shown).  This implies that an Aladdin model 6 generator will fit and function properly on a Kero-Lite lamp.

Coleman Kero-Lite flame spreader
Coleman Kero-Lite Chimney

The chimney for the Coleman Kero-Lite mantle lamp is unique to this lamp.  The chimney was advertised as a "snap-on" safety chimney that can't topple off.

The chimney is 14 inches tall, 2-5/8 inches at the base for about the bottom half inch or so then it tapers back in where the gallery fingers rest on the chimney.  This forms a lock to help keep the chimney from slipping off the gallery.  The glass is thicker than most chimneys. An interesting thing about this chimney is that it tapers outwards slightly  above the ball section.

There are  new 14 inch tall 2-5/8 base dia ball chimneys on the market that can be used to burn a Kero-Lite lamp.

Kerolite chimney logo

Coleman Kero-Lite chimney base
Kero_Lite wick and box

A new Coleman Kero-Lite mounted wick

KER-O-LITE wick cleaner

Ker-O-lite wick cleaner

The Kero-Lite mantle was available with or without the mantle frame.  The pictures below show three sides of the box for the mounted mantle.  Notice  the rounded generous size of the mantle.  Usually the larger the mantle the brighter the light it can give off.

Coleman Kero-Lite box for mounted mantle Coleman Kero-Lite mantle box

The pictures below show the box that the unmounted mantle came in. 

Coleman Kero-Lite box Kero-Lite unmounted mantle
Coleman Kero-Lite mantle
Other side of the can

The Kero-Lite lamp burns well with an Aladdin mantle bag mounted  onto a Kero-Lite frame.  The trick is to cut the frame away from the Aladdin mantle and mounting the mantle on the Kero-Lite mantle frame without touching the bag with your fingers.


Kero_Lite mantle and box
The string is to suspend the mantle inside the cardboard can so that the mantle is not resting against the bottom of the can.
The cotton is to stabilize it inside the can so it does not swing side to side.

Karo-Lite mantle boxes


Coleman Kero-Lite shade
Optional Coleman Kero-Lite model 160 shade.  This shade is missing it's original upper cloth edging that matched
the lower edging
Picture courtesy of Ronnie Hardison



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