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Lumineer burners


Lumineer burner

The Lummineer side draft burner was Plume and Atwood's second side draft burner design. Nearly identical burners were sold under the Beacon and Sunbeam names.

The Lumineer burner was sold by Aladdin as an upgrade for flat wick lamps. The burner was offered around 1913 and I understand that the burner sold in low numbers making this a rare burner.

Lumineer wick adjustment knob


Lumineer burner gallery
The Lumineer used the same galleries as the Beacon models 3 and 4 lamps. The markings might be either "Patents Applied for" or
"Model 4 PAT. USA, Mar. 14, 11 Apr 4,11 ... Canada Jan 10,11 ... Belgium Sept 1, 10 ... France Oct 28, 10 Other pats. pending"


Lumminer burner without gallery
Burner without gallery and sleeve that fits at the top of the outer wick tube

Lumineer outer wick tube
Outer wick tube

Lumineer flame spreader
Lumineer flame spreader
4 rows of holes on side

Lumineer wick holder

Wick holder
When a wick is mounted to the burner the bottom section without teeth is bent over to keep a user from accidentally adjusting the wick out of the lamp.

Bare Lumineer burner base, top Bare Lumineer burner base, bottom

Bare Lumineer burner base

Note: The Lumineer burner has a brass sleeve that has a flange at the top. The top slips over the top of the outer wick tube. Since this sleeve is missing from my Lumineer burner I can not show it to you.


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