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Aladdin MAXbrite Model 500 burner (2015 -    )

Aladdin MAXbrite burner

The Aladdin MAXbrite model 500 burner was introduced in 2015 with a new naming scheme to go with a new century.  The Aladdin side draft burner is a mature burner design that is over 80 years old. The burner design changes have been incremental since the model 21 was introduced in 1953. The changes from the model 21 to the MAXbrite model 500 are more along the lines of burner changes made from the Aladdin model 7 through the model 11.

The Aladdin MAXbrite model 500 is a refinement of the Aladdin model 23A burner.  The primary changes in the burner were to maximize light output with the 40 candlepower LOX-ON mantle  and to eliminate random air leaks that has plagued model 23 production since the Model 23 England burner was discontinued.  Some model 23 and 23A burners had air leaks in the burner that caused flame spikes.  The MAXbrite burner eliminates those spikes which kept mantles from being used at full brightness.

The Aladdin MAXbrite model 500 burner also comes with a new redesigned chimney which modifies the airflow around the 40 candlepower mantle to maximize the mantle's light output

The Aladdin MAXbrite burner is a clear improvement over the Chinese manufactured model 23 and 23A burners.  My personal experience so far is that my MAXbrite burner works flawlessly.  No flame spikes, easy to adjust with a stay cool alloy knob.  I believe this is the best burner since the model B burner and is as good as if not better than any previous Aladdin burner. 

The Chinese made model 23 burners are poor quality. Aladdin tried to improve the burner quality with the 23A burner as the MAXbrite was being designed and tested. While the MAXbrite looks like a 23A burner the tolerances have been tightened up an the elusive air leaks have finally been eliminated.  With the new MAXbrite burner available I personally will never burn a model 23 burner again.

Aladdin MAXbrite wicj adjustment knob
Aladdin MAXbrite 500 uses a larger diameter die cast zinc alloy knob.  The alloy is called ZAMAC. The name is an acronym for:  Zinc, Aluminum, Magnesium and Copper Alloy.  This alloy is not as heat conductive as brass so the knob stays cooler to the touch.


Aladdin MAXbrite burner exploded view

It is important to note that even though the parts of a MAXbrite 500 burner look the same as the model 23 burners switching parts between burners is not a good idea and sometimes the corresponding parts may not fit the other burner or will result in air leaks causing spikes in the burner flame.  The Hong Kong manufactured model 23 burners were not manufactured to tight tolerances. Sometimes the fit left air gaps in the burner which created spikes in the flame.  The flame spikes cause a mantle to flame up and deposit soot before the mantle could reach full brightness.  The MAXbrite 500 burner is made with all new tooling to tighter manufacturing specifications, making tighter seals between the parts and eliminating the air leaks which caused flame spikes.  The bottom line is that MAXbrite 500 burner parts will fit some Hong Kong model 23 burners but not others and Hong Kong model 23 parts may fit MAXbrite burners but they may create air leaks that cause flame spikes.


Aladdin Maxbrite burner base top view

From the top, the insides of the Aladdin MAXbrite burner looks almost identical to the Aladdin model 23A.  The air passages and baffles appear to be identical.   It's most obvious difference is that the wick adjustment shaft has been shortened so that the gear is less apt to get in the way when the burner is re-wicked.

Close examination shows that some of the corners in the burner where parts mate are a little sharper on the MAXbrite 500 than on the model 23A. The MAXbrite is made with all new tooling.  It is unknown at this time if the sharpening of the corners at mating surfaces are part of the effort to eliminate air leaks where parts attach or just an artifact of new tooling.

The bushing in the side of the burner base where the wick adjuster shaft enters the burner  is attached in such a way as not to deform the side of the burner basket.  The model 23 and 23A are often seen with a dent around the bushing where too much pressure was applied from the outside to install the bushing..  The new tooling does produce a better product.

The Aladdin MAXbrite burner base now has four drain holes in the base of the burner to keep excess kerosene from puddling inside the burner

Aladdin MAXbrite burner base bottom view
Aladdin MAXbrite wick holder

The Aladdin MAXbrite model 500 wick riser looks like the model 23 wick riser but the dimensions have been changed to create a smoother operating wick riser.  This makes fine wick adjustments easy.  The wick adjustment shaft has been shortened to make installing a new wick easier.  This wick adjuster is backwards compatible with the model 23 burners.

While the Aladdin MAXbrite model 500 gallery looks like the model 23A gallery the clearances inside the gallery have been changed to improve the airflow to the mantle and to seal air leaks that plagued the 23A burner.  Because of poor tolerances of the older 23 burners that gallery is not always backwards compatible.

Aladdin MAXbrite Model 500 gallery
Aladdin MAXbrite flame spreader

The flame spreader used on the very late Aladdin model 23A and the MAXbrite model 500 burner has a single slot in the side instead of two slots used in this flame spreader design since it was introduced in 1928 with the Aladdin model 12 burner.  You should note that the flame spreader used on the MAXbrite 500 burner is just slightly larger in diameter than those used on the Hong Kong model 23 burners so will not fit every Hong Kong  model 23 burner.

The outer wick tube on the Aladdin MAXbrite burner is changed from the outer wick tube on the Aladdin model 23A burner.

The attachment sleeve connecting the outer wick tube to the air diffuser on the model 23A burner is 0.25" long and held in place by 6 evenly spaced dimples.  The attachment sleeve on the MAXbrite model 500 is 0.37" long and attached with four equally spaced dimples.  Otherwise the outer wick tubes are identical.

Aladdin MAXbrite outer wick tube
Model 23 outer wick tube Left, MAXbrite Model 500 outer wick tube right


Aladdin MAXbrite model 500 burner

Aladdin has added a matte nickel finish to better match the aluminum lamps.

Brass finish


Matte Nickel


Shiny nickel




MAXbrite 500 Chimney
Early production box and green logo

The Aladdin MAXbrite 500 chimney was introduced in 2015 with the MAXbrite 500 burner.  The chimney shape was designed to maximize the light output of the 40 candlepower LOX-ON mantle.  This chimney should work well with the model 23A burner using the 40 candlepower mantle.

NOTE: Because of changes in atmospheric air pressure with altitude the standard length Aladdin chimney should only be used on lamps being burned at less than 3000 feet above sea level.

MAXbrite chimney logo
MAXbrite chimney logo

Aladdin MAXbrite 500 chimney logo
This green logo was used on prototype and the initial production run of chimneys



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