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Aladdin Lamp model B "Majestic" table lamp sold in 1935 and 1936


Aladdin lamp

The majestic came in three colour versions. Both the rose and white moonstone glass fonts came with a rose gold plated metal stem and burner. The green moonstone glass bowl came with a silver plated base and nickel plated burner.

The metal finish on these lamps are extremely fragile and easily removed. I do not believe the lamp to the left has ever been cleaned so shows a very darkened finish.

I have seen a majestic with a foot of a different pattern. So there is at least one out there and possibly more.

This lamp was offered with a fluted shade that has a 16" dia base. The shade was designed to be used specifically with this lamp. I believe it was the first use of a fluted shade on an Aladdin kerosene lamp.

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