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Aladdin model 23A 100 year anniversary parlor lamp   (2008)



Aladdin model 23 parlor lamp
Bronze Aladdin 100th anniversary commemorative lamp with artichoke shade.  A shade style available on the Aladdin model 1 parlor lamp.

For its 100th anniversary Aladdin chose to make a special limited edition commemoration lamp based upon its parlor lamp, a model in production from model 1 through model 4.

The Aladdin model 23A parlor lamp is made from thick sheet brass like the model 23 deluxe table and font lamps.  It also has the same machined one piece filler cap.  This is clearly a higher quality lamp than the earlier metal lamps which were easily dented.  I suspect the parlor lamps along with the deluxe lamps will last a long time dent free.

The style of the lamp neck, thread inserts, thickness of the brass font and machined filler cap leads me to speculate these lamp bases were made in England by Sherwood enterprises, the same company that manufacturers the Deluxe lamps.  There is no country of manufacture on the lamp nor the packaging.

The Aladdin 100th anniversary parlor lamp was offered in 2 finishes, Japanese bronze and polished brass.  The lamp was offered with or without shade. The shade offered  is the artichoke style, which was offered in green on the model 1 parlor lamp.  The artichoke style shades offered for this lamp were green (per #1 lamps) red and a golden yellow.

Aladdin 100 anniversary wick knob
The special wick adjuster knob for the Aladdin 100th anniversary commemorative lamp.  This is the first round knob since the 1960 model 21 burner.

Aladdin parlor lamps
Left - Aladdin model 23A parlor lamp.  Right -  Aladdin model 1 parlor lamp.


Aladdin model 23 parlor lamp bottom view

Bottom view of the Aladdin model 23A parlor lamp showing the flat felt covered base.

Since the earlier parlor lamps used a centre draft burner they had feet on the underside to allow air to get to the bottom opening of the centre draft tube.

parlor lamp bowl top

Aladin 23 parlor lamp bowl side

The Aladdin model 23A parlor lamp uses thread inserts like the model 23 Deluxe table and font lamps. The bowl neck is shaped the same as the neck on the model 23 deluxe lamps which implies that they were made by the same English manufacturer.


Aladdin model 23A burner
Except for the round wick adjuster knob, the model 23A parlor lamp is a standard model 23A burner.


Aladdin parlor lamp shade holder
Aladdin choose not to reproduce the early parlor lamp shade holder.  Instead they used the standard
model 23 ring style shade holder.  The picture shows a model 23 ring shade holder
inside the 23A parlor lamp shade holder.


Aladdin model 23A parlor lamp filler caps

The Aladdin model 23A parlor lamp, like the 70th anniversary table lamp and the model 23 Deluxe table and font lamps has a machined filler cap.  Other Aladdin filler camps are stamped out of thin sheet metal and easily distorted of force is needed to remove it from the lamp.






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