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Aladdin Model B Washington drape smooth stem lamp  (1941 to 1955 )

Aladdin model B wahington drape lamp

B-53, the clear model B Washington drape smooth stem lamp has the distinction of being the last model B glass lamp in production and the longest introduction model B glass lamp.

Because it is so common few collectors give it the importance it deserves because of its place in Aladdin history.

At least three and probably several more molds were used over the years to make this lamp model.  A small number were made without filler holes, and there were two foot patterns for this lamp. Some lamps were marketed with a large letter "A" on the underside of the foot.

The colours were:

B-53 clear glass (1941 to 1955, 1950's export only, not in 1951 US catalogue)

B-54 green glass (1941 & 1942)

B-55 Amber glass (1941 & 1942)

Aladdin wahington drape feet
The two different base patterns common on the B-53 lamp.



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