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Aladdin pedestal shelf lamps, model C (1955, 1956) and model 23A (2011 - 2014)

Aladdin modle C fotter drape lamp
Model C Alacite pedestal shelf lamp 1955 - 1956


The little known model C Alacite pedestal shelf lamp seems to have been sold in small quantities and I have not found them in Aladdin catalogues.  It does not have a filler cap so the burner needs to be removed for filling.



The model C pedestal shelf lamp design was resurrected and a filler opening added in 2011 for a limited edition of 285 lamps.  These lamps were offered to Aladdin Knight members only with the proceeds to go to support the Aladdin Museum. The new lamp is dated 2011 on the bottom to eliminate any confusion with the earlier model C lamp.



A special run of ruby red pedestal lamps were made for the 2012 Annual Aladdin gathering. The same mold that created the cobalt lamps in 2011 was used. The lamp was available in two ruby red shades.  One is a "Pigeon blood ruby" and the other a lighter art glass ruby.

CR0500-1 Pigeon blood ruby - 85 made
CR500-2 Art glass ruby - 65 made

Aladdin model 23 red pedestal lamp
Model 23A Ruby red pedestal lamp 2012

The new model 23 and MaxBrite pedestal lamps were manufactured by Mosser Glass and are signed Aladdin

Aladdin model 23 footed drape lamp
Model 23A Cobalt pedestal shelf lamp 2011

Aladdin vasoline footed drape lamp
Model23A Vaseline pedestal lamp 2014

280 Vaseline lamp bases were made for the 2014 Aladdin knights gathering. Catalogue number 0500. They were sold without burners. Leftovers from the gathering were sold through Jacks Country Store.

For the 2015 Aladdin Knights gathering 122 Ruby red carnival lamps with brass collars were made, and sold without burners.

0500-6 "Passion Pink"  A small number were made and sold at the 2016 Aladdin Knights gathering. They were sold without the burner.

Aladdin model 500 pedistal lamp
Image from Aladdin knights newsletter

0500-7 "Emerald Green" sold at the 2017 Aladdin Knights gathering, without burner.

0500-8 "Amethyst carnival glass" sold without burner at the 2018 Aladdin Knights gathering.

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Sale sponsored by NAALC to benefit Aladdin Museum New 0500 Design - A Nu Type Model B Washington Drape bowl on a pedestal foot. Embossed Aladdin on bottom and dated 2011 This lamp was offered on a first-come, first-served basis to members of the Aladdin Knights. Only limited to original manufacturing run of 285 lamps.


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