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Aladdin Model C Brazil Diamond quilt pattern lamps  (1974 - 1975 in North America, ????-???? South America, 1974 - 1984 Australia  )

Aladdin model C Brazil glass table lamp
Bell stem not offered in North America

There were three versions of the Aladdin diamond quilt glass lamps.  These lamps were manufactured in Brazil and fitted with the Brazil model C steel burner.  The all glass bell stem table lamps were not offered in North America.  They were South America only.  The glass font lamp and the metal base table lamps were offered in North America and Australia. According to Allin Hodson these lamps could be purchased in Australia up until 1984, but only a very small number were sold.


Aladdin model C Brazil glass font lamp
The Aladdin model C diamond quilt font lamp sold into North America in 1974 & 1975


Aladdin model C Brasil table lamp

The Aladdin Model C Brazil table lamp commonly seen in North America has a diamond quilt clear glass bowl, with aluminum stem and base.  These were sold into North America in 1974 and 1975.  The aluminum base version is the one advertised in the US sales literature.


LEFT: An early version, possibly 1973, had a plated steel stem and base.  The collar and filler cap was also plated steel. This is a common version found in South America.


RIGHT: This lamp came to me with a model 21C burner.  The 21C burner was in production between 1963 and 1969 so is almost certainly not original to this lamp.  Note that this lamp like the early production lamps has a steel base, stem, collar and filler cap.  The stem is chrome plated. The base is painted flat black on the top side and painted silver on the underside.  It is unknown if this is a prototype or a very early limited production lamp. The chrome stem and flat black base makes this an elegant looking lamp when viewed in person.

Aladdin model C Brazil table lamp



Aladdin Model C instruction cover
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