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(approximately 1907)


Information about early mantle lamps has largely disappeared and if we are lucky we may find a scape here and there that lets us know that these lamps existed. In this case the scrap of information comes from a reprint of J. W. & S. Ltd catalogue no. 15. The reprint is undated but I'm guessing it is from around 1907. NUSUN is the trademark name for lamps sold by J. Wakefield & Sons, Ltd. (J.W.& S. Ltd) of the UK that offered Petroleum oil lamps (kerosene) and fancy glassware. They offered a wide range of kerosene lamps, burners, and lamp parts, as well as some kerosene stoves. I have copied their catalogue pages offering mantle lamps in an effort to help people identify otherwise unknown lamps.

It can be very difficult to identify a burner from a small line drawing, but the side draft burner in the top listing appears to be a 1907 Kronos burner. Lain Hunt guessed " The lamp at the top appears to based on/and exactly the same as (even thought it is a drawing) a 15''' Ehrich & Graetz 'Eugeos', even the raiser key design."

The center draft burner on the bottom two lamps appears to be a centre draft version of the 1905 CANDESCO burner. The lower burner basket looks the same, but shade holders block the view of the upper part of the basket.  Assume that this is a very tentative guess  and is more likely a burner I have yet to identify. Lain Hunt suggests "The lamp with the shade below to the left, and the hanging fount version next to it, appear to be both based on the HS Kronos central draught lamps, with bespoke galleries to take 2.5" fitting chimneys (instead of the usual 2 1/16" fitting). " and "The lamp with the 'Jugend' shade absolutely screams Hugo Schneider 'Kronos', it also smacks of the Catterson 'Raylite', (which is believed to be a HS borrow and also has the larger gallery). Notice the air holes on the collar of the burner too, very HS, very 'Kronos'."

Without actual samples or good pictures, all we can really do is guess.

NUSUN table lamp


NUSUN mantle lamps


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