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Radiant Incandescent Lamp (1913 - 1916)


Radiant Lamp
Photo courtesy of Bill Courter

The Radiant lamp is a side draft mantle lamp manufactured by Plume & Atwood and sold by Montgomery Ward in 1913 through 1916. The lamp was made using the Beacon model 4 burner without markings and the same font as was used by the Solar lamp without the center draft tube. There are no identifying labels on the lamp.

Radiant burner wick raiser knob
Radiant Wick adjuster knob


Radiant lamp burner

The burner is an unlabeled duplicate to the Beacon model 4 burner

Radiant lamp burner

Radiant lamp flame spreader
Radiant flame spreader




1914 Radiant lamp ad
Listing in 1914 Montgomery Ward catalogue
Photo courtesy of Bill Courter




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