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The Saxonia burners and lamps were marketed by the Lighting Co. of Springfield Mass. The Saxonia burner was manufactured by Friedrich Hoffmann company in Germany. The Lighting Company offered the Saxonis burners as an upgrade to owners of flat wick lamps and a verity of table lamps, oil pots, and hanging lamps using lamp fonts, ceiling hangers, and  wall mount hangers from Plume & Atwood (P&A) and Bradly & Hubbard (B&H). The earliest ad I have found, 1097, is for a stand alone burner to upgrade existing flat wick lamps. By 1909 the company was offering a wide variety of table and hanging lamps. Please refer to the pdf catalogue. Like the other companies that used German manufactured burners & supplies, they were out of business by the time that WWI started in Europe.

Vase lamps were offered with the burner on a B&H oil pot in a B&H metal vase lamp. B&H 2 burner chandeliers and a Hanging lamps in a B&H hanger with a green tin shade. From the drawing in the catalogue the font used in the B&H hanger appears to be manufactured by P&A. The Lighting company offered a P&A wall mount bracket as well. P&A manufactured the parlor lamp font for the Saxonia parlor lamp.

Download a pdf copy of the 1909 Saxonia sales catalogue Courtesy of Anthony Trueman





The Saxonia side draft burner use a unique button type flame spreader.

Saxonia Burner top view
Photo courtesy of Anton Kaim

Saxonia burner top view with flame spreader out
Photo courtesy of Anton Kaim

Saxonia flame spreader

Photo courtesy of Anton Kaim




Saxonia ad
From Popular Mechanics, March, 1910



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