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Sundart lamps manufactured and sold by Edward Miller & CO.

1909 - ?

Sundart lamp
Colonial table lamp

Sundart is the only known brand of kerosene mantle lamp sold directly by Edward Miller & CO.

Miller manufactured a family of very similar mantle lamps that were sold by other companies. All mantle lamp production and Sundart sales were handled by the company's mantle lamp department which was a separate business unit from other lamp production.

The Miller mantle lamp department was established in 1909 and most likely ceased operation at the beginning of 1942 when Brass became a restricted military material. The department possibly ceased operations a few years earlier.

Miller used existing tooling as much as possible from their round wick lamps. The lamp bowl used on the Flemish Fount lamp and their Colonial table lamp used tooling from the early version of their Lumo round wick table lamp. This should not be confused with the Lumo mantle lamp that Miller manufactured for the John S. Noel Lighting Supplies company nor the German made Lumo mantle burner.

The Sundart and Lumo mantle lamp were offered concurrently and both shared the same burner assembly with different labeling on the wick raiser knob. Both the Sundart and Lumo product lines share the same lamp base options and a side draft burner that was sold as an upgrade for flat wick lamps.


Lumo center draft lamp
Early Miller Lumo center draft lamp

The Sundart lamp used the tooling created for the early Miller Lumo center draft lamp. The top half of the bowl was modified for the smaller filler cap and burner. And of course a smaller diameter centre draft tube was used.


Sundart lamp price list

1909 price list for Sundart lamps and accessories
Click on image to download pdf price list


Sundart lamp postcard


Sundart mantle lamp catalog cover page
Sundart mantle lamp catalog
undated, est 1090 or 1910
Click on cover to download complete catalogue in pdf format



gallery side view Gallery top view
gallery bottom view

The gallery used on the Sundart lamps is the common gallery shared among most of the mantle lamps manufactured by Edward Miller & CO. These gallerys used the then common cap mantle.


Filler cap used on the Miller mantle lamps

The Sundart lamp used the same filler cap as the other mantle lamps manufactured by the Edward Miller mantle Lamp Department. Note the centre hole. This was used to allow air into the bowl to equalize air pressure then the kerosene level dropped as the lamp was burning. Without the hole the lamp would self extinguish as a vacuum built up inside the bowl.


Sears Bright As Day lamp wick holder
Sundart wick carrier

Sears Bright as Day wick adjuster gears
Wick adjustment gear rides against the wick holder rack gear which rides inside the 'J' shaped bracket

Note: The Aladdin model 6 mounted wick fits in a Sundart mantle lamp.


Wall mount bracket for Daylite fount lamp

Daylite wall mount bracket
Wall mounting bracket used with the Sundart Flemish fount lamp.

The lamp ring used for the Sundart Flemish lamp is larger diameter than the standard 6 inch ring used with the other miller mantle lamp founts.

Wall mount arm for Daylite font lamp



Sundart side draft burner
Sundart side draft burner. These were sold separately to replace flat wick burners. They were not sold as part of a complete lamp
Photo from Bill Courter


flame spreader for sundart side draft burner
Flame spreader for the Sundart side draft burner
Photo from Bill Courter






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