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Sunlight Mantle Lamp

1920 - 1922

Important note:
This lamp was sold to me as being a Wards, Sunlight mantle Lamp. There is some question as to whether or not this in indeed a Sunlight lamp. Please keep that in mind and if you know the true identity of this plamp, please let me know.


Sunlight mantle lamp

The Sunlight mantle lamp was manufactured by the E. Miller Mantle Lamp Department for Montgomery Ward to sell through their catalogues. While at first glance the Sunlight mantle lamp looks like the other mantle lamps in the Miller family all the parts except the wick holder and and the filler cap are unique to this lamp.

Sunlight mantle lamp wick adjuster knob
The Sunlight mantle lamp is unlabeled


Sunlight mantle lamp base Sunlight mantle lamp inner draft tube

The Sunlight mantle lamp burner attaches with a bayonet fitting like the Daylite lamp also manufactured by the Miller Mantle Lamp Department. However the Sunlight burner bayonet fittings are smaller diameter than the Daylite lamp fitting. The Sunlight burner will not fit a Daylite lamp bowl.

The flame spreader stop ring is located below the top of the lamp bowl. This is diagnostic of a Sunlight lamp base.

Sunlight mantle lamp burner mount

Sunlight mantle lamp burner disassembled
The Sunlight burner only has 7 rows of holes in the burner basket which severely restricts the flow of air to the outside of the wick

Sunlight mantle lamp gallery
Unlike the other lamps manufactured by the Miller Mantle Lamp Department the Sunlight gallery does not have a ring of holes around the mantle cone.
The Sunlight mantle lamp uses a cap mantle.

Sunlight mantle lamp flame spreader
Sunlight mantle lamp flame spreader

Sunlight mantle lamp wick holder
Wick holder
An Aladdin model 6 mounted wick will fit the Sunlight lamp


Sunlight mantle lamp Filler caps
Filler caps used on the Sunlight mantle lamp



Shade for Sunlight mantle lamp

Sunlight mantle lamp shade

Made of clear glass with a white fired on finish. It fits a 10” tripod, though the shade itself flares out to nearly 13” and stands 7” tall. The six panels around the shade are all identical and have a cluster of roses on each corner top and bottom.

Wards Sunlight lamp
Sunlight Lamp listing from Wards 1921 Winter catalog




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