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The Thomas Incandescent Kerosene Mantle Lamp
        Sold by the Thomas Manufacturing Company

Thomas mantle lamp


The Edward Miller & Co Mantle Lamp Department manufactured a family of lamps to be sold by other companies. They used a common set of lamp bodies, burner bases, galleries, wicks and wick holders with very few modifications on all of these lamps. The Thomas  manufacturing company sold Incandescent mantle lamps manufactured by Miller.

I know very little about what if any feature differences there were between the Thomas lamps and the other Miller manufactured incandescent mantle lamps. I would appreciate any additional information that anyone is willing to share.

The Thomas Manufacturing company was founded in 1886 in Springfield Ohio. They manufactured a large variety of products including rope making machines, bicycles, gramophone needles and clock gears. The company moved to Dayton in 1910. Around 1914 or 1915 the company started offering mantle lamps manufactured by the Edward Miller & Co. mantle lamp department. The Thomas Manufacturing company ceased business during the depression in the 1930's

The drawings on this page are from a Thomas manufacturing Company sales brochure that I had limited access to.



Table lamp with shade
Catalogue No. T-830

Parlor Lamp appears to be 1-1/2 quart fount.
Catalogue No. T-831


Hanging lamp Catalogue No. T-832

Sorry it is from a very small, low resolution jpeg

Fount lamp
The lamps manufactured by the Edward Miller Mantle Lamp Department for the Thomas Manufacturing Company used lamp founts that were already tooled up and in production.

Thomas brand incandescent mantle Catalogue No. T-8334
This mantle uses the same base as the Aladdin Cap mantle
used for Aladdin models 1 and 2




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