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Universal side draft mantle burner

(1909 - ?)

Universal burner

The universal burner was manufactured by Plume and Atwood for an unknown company. This was Plume and Atwood's first side draft burner design. Other brands that used the same burner design are Sunbeam #1 and Beacon #1.


Universal burner appart


Universal flame spreader
The flame spreader used on the Universal mantle burner is the same as was used on the Aladdin model 2, Beacon model 1 and Sunbeam model 1

Universal burner wick holder
The same wick holder was used on all the Plume and Atwood side draft burners, Universal, Sunbeam , Lumineer and Beacon

Universal mantle lamp gallery Universal mantle lamp gallery bottom

The gallery for the Universal mantle burner is the same as the Beacon #1 and the Sunbeam #1.
It looks like the Aladdin #2 gallery except for the size of the three locking flanges. The Aladdin model 2 gallery has larger flanges. This means that the Aladdin model 2 gallery will not sit down properly on the early side draft burners and their galleries will not lock into place on an Aladdin centre draft burner.

Universal mantle burner outer wick tube diagonal view Universal mantle burner outer wick tube and air diffuser
Universal mantle burner bottom view

Outer wick tube and air diffuser

The air diffuser is one piece and fitted to the outer wick tube before the tube's top flange is assembled onto the tube. Note the 2 pins at the bottom of the outer wick tube. The outer wick tube is attached to the burner base in a bayonet style.


Universal burner base diagonal view universal burner base
Universal burner base undersaide view

Burner base

The universal, Sunbeam #1 and Beacon model 1 all share the same burner base designed to use a flat wick. The rectangular hole on the bottom is for the wick holder which fits from the top.







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