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Sears Bright - As - Day mantle Lamps



right as Day lamp manufactured by E. Miller

Bright - As - Day was a Sears brand mantle lamp that was manufactured for Sears by Edward Miller  & Co. Mantle Lamp Department starting around 1912.

The earliest version lamp used an unmounted mantle that mounts to an inverted "L" hanger. Later versions used a Cap mantle.


Bright As Day wick adjustment knob


Bright as Day inner wick tube

There are multiple types of inner wick tube and burner attachments used throughout the Miller manufactured mantle lamps.

The Bright as day lamp has a full length inner wick tube with flame spreader placement notch near the top and threads at the collar to attach the burner.


Sears Bright as day lamp burner

gallery side view Gallery top view
gallery bottom view

The gallery used on the Bright as day lamps is the common gallery shared among most of the mantle lamps manufactured by Edward Miller & CO. Mantle Lamp Department. These gallerys used the then common cap mantle.


Sears Bright As Day lamp wick holder
Sears Bright as Day wick carrier

Sears Bright as Day wick adjuster gears
Wick adjustment gear rides against the wick holder rack gear which rides inside the 'J' shaped bracket

Note: The Aladdin model 6 mounted wick fits in a Sears Bright as Day lamp.

Seras Bright as Day lamp flame spreader
Bright as Day flame spreader


Filler cap used on the Miller mantle lamps

The Bright as day lamp used the same filler cap as the other mantle lamps manufactured by the Edward Miller mantle Lamp Department. Note the centre hole. This was used to allow air into the bowl to equalize air pressure then the kerosene level dropped as the lamp was burning. Without the hole the lamp would self extinguish as a vacuum built up inside the bowl.


Bright As Day lamp chimney

Bright as Day chimney logo
Bright as Day chimney logo

The Bright As Day chimney is 13 inches tall and 2.5 inches dia at the base.


Bright as Day lamp in 1912 Sears Catalog

Bright As Day Sears lamp with shade

Shades are white or green cased 10 inch diameter

ABOVE AND BELOW: Bright as Day listing in 1912 Sears catalogue. Photos courtesy of Bill Courter

Bright As Day lamp listng in 1912 Sears catalog

Sears Brigt as Day Fount lamp Sears Bright as Day bare fount

Sears Bright as Day Fount lamp


Daylite lamp blttom skirt
Bottom skirt on the Sears Bright as Day fount lamp. Miller adapted their standard fount lamp for use with a mantle burner that uses a narrower diameter centre draft tube.


Daylite fount bottom skirt
Drip plate for fount lamp Top side of drip plate

Drip plate for Sears Bright as Day lamp



Daylite oil pot lamp

Oil pot lamp

Between around 1890 and 1915 glass lamps that were holders for oil pot lamps such as the "gone with the wind" lamps, vase lamps and fancy parlor hanging lamps became very popular among the expanding American middle class. These lamps came with a standard size oil pot lamp fitted with a round wick burner. When fitted to the lamp only the top part above the chime ridge was visible. Makers of mantle lamps offered mantle lamp oil pots as a lighting upgrade to those lamps.

Mantle lamps manufactured by the Miller Mantle Lamp Department offered this version based upon the tooling used for the Miller round wick oil pot lamps.

Sears Bright as Day oil pot

Bright as Day Mantle

Bright as Day mantle and box Bright as day mantle can

Bright As Day mantle base
The Bright as Day mantle is a standard Cap mantle.






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