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Aladdin filler caps


So far I have identified 12 versions of filler caps used on Aladdin lamps. I'm sure there are more out there that I have yet to find.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This page is based upon what I have found on my lamps. There is always a possibility some caps are not original to some lamps. If you have any additional data points or have identified additional caps I would love an e-mail from you.

Help: I need additional data points for "Cathedral" filler caps. I would appreciate owners to measure the thread height of their "Cathedral" filler caps (1/4" or 5/16ths) and email me with the data.


Aladdin lamp filler caps

1. Vented flower top cap - This cap was used in models 1 through early 5 (burners with slots on the side of the base)

2. Non vented flower cap - Model 6 and probably late model 5 lamps had non vented filler caps.  The redesigned burner base (burners with round hole screen like sides) eliminated the need for a vented filler cap.

3. Smooth recessed cap, concave top - This cap was used on models 7 through 21C metal lamps. Also used on the" Colonial" model B glass lamp. Thread depth 1/4".

4. Convex rounded top, recessed cap - This cap was used in conjunction with recessed metal threads on Model A "Venetian".

5. Short sided raised cap - This cap was used on glass lamps starting in 1935 with the "Corinthian" and was used on glass lamps through the rest of model B production.

6. Long sided raised cap - The first use I have seen of this cap is the Brazilian model C quilt pattern glass lamp. It is the standard cap for model 23 glass lamps.

7. Big recessed cap - This cap was only used on the model 23, 70th anniversary lamp.

8. Long thread recessed cap - This cap was found on a "Cathedral" lamp. Thread depth 5-16"

9. Smooth recessed cap, convex top - This cap is used on model 23 brass table lamps

10. Recessed Bakelite cap - Used in model 14 lamps with Bakelite bowls  Earlier lamps had plain top as shown.  later caps has "Aladdin' embossed on the top.  These were made in several colours.


Aladdin lamp caps

4. Recessed threads and cap used on the model A "Venetian". I'm not positive but I currently believe the threaded insert was also used in all model B glass lamps that used a recessed cap. It is a match for the model B "Colonial"

Left: 3. cap for metal lamps models 7-C and Model B "Colonial" Thread depth 1/4".

Right: 8. Cap found on a glass model B "Cathedral". Thread depth 5/16".

The concave top is flatter than the #3 cap.



Aladdin lamp caps

The raised external threads were used with both versions of raised caps. Centre is 5. Model B - 21C cap and right is a 6. model 23 cap.

Left : 3. cap used on metal lamps 7 though 21C. Top is concave.

Right: 9. Cap used on model 23 metal lamps. Top is convex.

10. Cap used on model 14 lamps with Bakelite bowls.  This is the early version without name.
Aladdin model 23 70th anniversary filler cap

7. Filler cap and filler thread insert for the model 23 70th Anniversary table lamp. Both the camp and thread insert are machined out of aluminum

Aladdin model 23 filler cap for Deluxe lamps
Filler caps for the model 23 Deluxe table and fount lamps machined from solid brass.



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