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Aladdin Chimney Primer


One thing the 1987 Loma Prieta earthquake taught me is that displayed chimneys do not survive large earthquakes unless they are mounted on hanging lamps that do not hit a wall during a quake.  It was the surviving chimneys on hanging lamps that allowed me to light my home for nearly a week and a half afterwards until the electricity was reconnected.  As a result, most of my early chimneys did not survive and since then I have made a point of replacing them with new chimneys, both Aladdin and after market.  Any older chimneys I have are now packed away and are only brought out to gather information about them or grab a picture then they are repackaged.  As a consequence I am not a chimney expert.  But I have learned a few things about them that is worth sharing and it is simply scary what I have seen on e-bay stated to be original chimneys for Aladdin lamps.  I wrote this page in the hopes that it might keep people from wasting money on new and often times after market chimneys being described as old original genuine Aladdin chimneys.

Another thing to be weary of on e-bay is that some folks will pair a chimney with any Aladdin box they have on hand because they feel they can get more money if it looks like new old stock (NOS). While most chimneys offered with a box are likely to be NOS, try to get a picture of the chimney logo to determine if it is indeed an Aladdin and not a reproduction and to get an idea if it might be paired with the right box (assuming the box matters to you).


A chimney provides 2 primary functions: 

  1. It protects the flame from breezes so the flame remains steady.
  2. It pulls hot air up in a controlled manner creating a vacuum below the flame to bring in fresh unburned air.  The height of the chimney controls the amount of fresh air drawn in. Since mantle lamps need a lot of air the chimneys are long and need to be even longer at higher altitudes where the air is thinner.  This means that the short chimneys sold for wick lamps will not work on a mantle lamp and should never be fitted to an Aladdin lamp.



As you go up in altitude the air gets thinner and the oxygen available in a cubic foot of air is less. This means your Aladdin light burns dimmer. Aladdin has provided help first with a metal tube extension which you can put on top of the chimney to extend the functional length of a chimney, then later with a 2-1/2 inch longer high altitude chimney.  one can get by with the standard chimney as long as you live below about 3000 feet. Above that it is generally a good idea to switch to a high altitude chimney or add a metal tube extension. Above about 5000 feet it is a good idea to add an extension tube to the high altitude chimney or stack two extension tubes on the standard chimney.

High altitude Aladdin Chimney
High altitude Aladdin chimney on top, standard Aladdin chimney at bottom.


Aladdin chimney extension tubes

Aladdin Chimney extension tubes:

LEFT: Model B aluminum extension tube extends the chimney height 3-3/4 inches

RIGHT: Model 23 brass extension tube extends the height of the chimney by 3 inches.

Chimney tubes can be stacked for high altitude use.


Lox-On to Heelless chimney adapters

When Aladdin introduced the Lox-On chimney with the model 12 manufacturers of heelless type chimneys  were left behind only having products for older Aladdin lamps. In 1935 a patent for a Lox-On to heelless chimney adapter was granted to Charles Leslie Cunnington in New South Whales, Australia. This "Crystalite adapter was the first product allowing heelless chimneys to be used on the model 12 (and newer) lamps.

CHimney adapter
Photos courtesy of A. Trueman


Australian Chimney adapter

In the 1970s the company manufacturing Lox-On chimneys was having quality control issues with the Lox-On base. Aladdin introduced their own adapter to allow heelless chimneys to be used on their model 12 and newer lamps. Starting with the model 23A burners Aladdin converted the gallery on their new burners to use the easier to manufacture heelless chimney.


Aladdin Lox-On to Heeless chimney adapter



Aladdin Chimney cleaner
Aladdin chimney cleaner for the UK

Chimney cleaner ad
Aladdin chimney cleaner for the US
From 1955 price list.

Your lamp vs. the ceiling

The primary purpose of an Aladdin burner is to create heat, not light.  It is the high heat that causes a mantle to glow.  The air rising out of the top of a chimney can be about 1000 degrees F. when the mantle is fully glowing.  This is great if you want to add a little more heat to the room but it also means you need to be cautious about what is above your chimney.  Obviously you do not want to place it on a window sill where there is any curtain material above it and you do not want to place it near the ceiling.  Ceiling lamps all come with smoke bells to diffuse the raising hot air and up until WWII they are almost all used with a pull down ceiling canopy that added a little more distance and a little shielding below the ceiling.

A tall lamp, such as a pedestal or banquet lamp sitting in a low ceiling room may crate enough heat to discolour the paint on the ceiling.  A table lamp sitting on a table in a standard 8 foot ceiling  will not produce enough heat to discolour the paint.

Just be aware that these lamps do produce heat and do not place them below easily combustible materials or near the ceiling.

Aladdin heat shield
This glass Aladdin heat shield is 2 inches wide and 3 inches high.  The top of an Aladdin chimney is 2 inches wide.   It was manufactured for the UK market in the 1930's.

Chimney heat shield
The gap between the top of the chimney and heat shield is 3/4 of an inch

Aladdin heat deflector
During 2013 Aladdin introduced a new smoke bell that mounts directly on the tops of chimneys. This spreads out the heat so it is less apt to scorch a low ceiling.
It will work on both hanging and table lamps.


Chimney sizes

The standard Aladdin chimney is 2-5/8ths inches diameter at the base and 12-1/2 inches tall.  The high altitude chimney is 15 inches tall. Beware that a lot of after market slip on chimneys marketed to fit Aladdin are slightly under size at the base requiring that the gallery clamping fingers be pushed in a significant amount.  If shopping for after market slip on chimneys bring a gallery with you an test fit before you buy.

Those short 8 or 9 inch tall chimneys you can purchase at hardware or department stores will not allow an Aladdin lamp to function and just plain look wrong.


Chimney shapes:

There are basically four styles of Aladdin chimney commonly found, two of which can be hard to tell apart. First is the ball style which was in production for Aladdin between 1908 and 1934. Second is the first Lox-On style which gently tapers inward from bottom to top. This was in production from 1928 when the model 12 was introduced to 1934.  The third style is called the improved Lox-on chimney.  This version looks like the earlier lox-On chimney except that it bulges outwards a little along the bottom third of its length then gently tapers inwards.  You will notice that chimneys that use thimble style flame spreaders have a bulge near the base. This is because the flame spreader actually spreads the flame out.  The bulge is to give this wider flame space.  It could be that the first Lox-On chimney did not have enough of a bulge which could be why it was replaced by the Improved Lox-On chimney that has a wider bulge near the base.

The fourth chimney style is called the Matador chimney and was made by Pyrex.  This one looks like a regular Lox-On chimney  that swallowed a tennis ball near the base.  It was a rough attempt to mimic the early ball style chimney for the 75th anniversary student lamps.  These chimneys were made between 1974 and 1977.

Aladdin ball style chimney
Ball chimney used on models 1 through 11

Early Aladdin Lox-On Chimneys
Early and improved Lox-On Chimneys both came in this style box
Photo courtesy of Bill Courter

Aladdin Chimney with box
Improved Lox-On chimney. 3 line in box sold in USA   Photo courtesy of Bill Courter

Improved Lox-On chimney & box
Improved Lox-On chimney UK logo in box sold in UK.


Aladdin Matador chimney
Matador heel-less chimney


MAXbrite 500 Chimney
Preproduction MAXbrite chimney and box

The Aladdin MAXbrite 500 chimney was introduced in 2015 with the MAXbrite 500 burner.
The chimney shape was designed to maximize the light output of the 40 candlepower LOX-ON mantle.
This chimney should work well with the model 23A burner using the 40 candlepower mantle.

Aladdin MAXbrite 500 chimney logo
Preproduction MAXbrite chimney logo



MAXbrite chimney logo
Production MAXbrite 500 chimney logo

MAXbrite chimney box
Box for production MAXbrite chimney



Aladdin surgical chimney
And of course there are the odd ball chimneys like this steel and Mica chimney intended for use in surgeries.


Matching Chimneys to Lamps sold in the US:

Model 1 and into or through model 4 production, a ball chimney with a round logo that looks like a model 1 wick riser knob.

Model 4 or 5 through the end of model 11 production a ball chimney with a round logo that included crossed spears and a classic Aladdin's lamp at top (Est. 1908 logo).  Note that ball chimneys were made for five or six years after model 11 production had ceased as replacements chimneys for the earlier lamps. These chimney had the three line of text logo. This chimney was never offered as original chimneys to the model 11 or earlier lamps.

Model 12, model A and the early model B lamps came with the original style Lox-On chimney with the three line text logo.

Later model B lamps came with the improved style Lox-On chimney and a three line text logo.

Nashville model C lamps mostly came with improved style Lox-On chimneys  made by Pyrex with a Pyrex label.

Later models of lamps came with any of several styles of single line "Aladdin" logos and a few with versions of the round est. 1908 logo

After the Aladdin lamp division changed hands in 1999, Aladdin returned to using the Est. 1908 round logo printed near the top in black ink.

In 2015 Aladdin introduced the MAXbrite burner and chimney.  The new chimney has a new sunrise logo.

Chimneys for lamps sold outside the US:

With the possible except of South America, Aladdin divisions outside the US sourced their chimneys locally and each had their own logos.



Non Aladdin Chimneys:

A lot of after market. chimneys have been made for Aladdin lamps and since sometimes vigorous cleaning can remove an Aladdin logo it can sometimes be hard to tell an original from an after market chimney at a glance. The quickest easiest way to tell is to rub your finger along the base of the chimney. Aladdin chimneys are all heat treated for a smooth rounded edge on both top and bottom.  Most reproductions are just cut at the bottom and have a sharp edge.  Also look at the glass from the side. Aladdin chimney glass is high quality and does not show stress lines along the sides The glass should be clear without distortions or stress lines.  Beware that a lot of after market. slip on chimneys marketed to fit Aladdin are slightly under size at the base requiring that the gallery clamping fingers be pushed in a significant amount.  If shopping for an after market chimney bring a gallery with you can test fit before you buy.


Chimney warning:  During the late 1990'sAladdin quality was not very good and some parts were not fit for actual use because of dimensional issues.  Chimneys made in China in the early 1990's time frame  had poorly made Lox-On bases that tended not to fit without extreme bending of the gallery tabs.  A few wouldn't fit at all and a few had crooked bases so the chimney would not stand straight in the gallery.  I strongly advise avoiding chimneys that are in the box shown below.  When buying a chimney outside the box that has a single like Aladdin logo, check over the base before purchase. The logo for this chimney is one line "Aladdin" but with poorly made letters.  The second 'a" is more for a script with the bottom trailing off to the right.

Aladdin model 23 chimney box
I advise against buying these.


Some Chimney logos:

I don't have a lot of original early chimneys due to Earthquake damage and my reluctance to purchase old chimneys afterwards If you want to see a more complete treatise on Aladdin chimneys and see a comprehensive listing of Aladdin logos Please purchase a copy of J. W. Courter's book "Aladdin the Magic Name in Lamps"

Aladdin model 1 chimney logo

This is the first Aladdin chimney logo used on the model 1 lamp.  It came on a hanging model 1 and survived the 7.1 earthquake by being on a swaying hanging lamp.

The first Aladdin chimney had the logo stamped at the base as shown. The logo was soon moved to the top of the chimney where it could be more easily seen. There were a couple variations on this logo which were in use into or through model 4 production.


Aladdin early chimney

This may be the earliest of the 1908 logo chimneys. The term 1908 refers to the logo wording "Established in 1908". Variations of this label were used to 1928 when the Aladdin model 12 was introduced. Variations of this logo were reintroduced after 2000.

Aladdin chimneys were made in Germany and imported to the US until WWI broke out. From then on Aladdin started having chimneys manufactured in the United States.

This particular chimney was made in Germany prior to WWI.



Aladdin white 1908 chimney logo

The circular 1908 logo in white ink is associated as being original on Aladdin lamps from around model 4 through model 11 production.  There are several variations on this logo during those years. This chimney was manufactured in the United States after WWI.


Aladdin chimney logo

Aladdin 3 line chimney logo

The three line logo  is associated with model 12, model A and model B production. There are a couple print variations of this type.

The top logo is the early logo found on model 12.  The lower logo is a later logo found on models 12, A and B.

Photos courtesy of Bill Courter


Aladdin pyrex chimney

Left: White Pyrex brand logos have been found on lox-On chimneys used on model C and model 21C lamps sold in the US.

Right: Matador style chimneys made by Pyrex were stamped with green ink and are mostly associated with the 75th anniversary student lamps sold in the mid 1970's


Aladdn Pyrex chimney


Aladdin chimney with single line logo

There are several variations of fonts used  in the single line Aladdin chimney.  These  overlapped the Pyrex chimneys  by several years and the logo was in use to 1996.


Aladdin chimney logo

This is the Chinese made chimney that has a lot of quality issues. Most do not seem to fit right with the variations of  Lox-On tabs being the primary issue but some do not even sit vertical in the gallery.

It usually require some severe gallery tab bending to make this chimney fit.


Aladdin chimney logo

This is a specially marked Aladdin chimney sold at the 1983 Annual Aladdin Knights gathering celebrating the Aladdin 75th anniversary. There were probably only about 200 made.


Aladdin chimney logo

Unsure of dates, likely introduced in mid 1990s.


Last single line Aladdin logo

This was the last single line Aladdin Chimney logo used.  Its use started in 1996 and continued until soon after the Aladdin division was sold in 1999.

I have heard stories of them being weak in the base and inclined to easily break. So far I have not seen this problem.  Possibly because I do not lock the chimney tight.  Lox-On chimneys break more easily when lit if the chimney is locked tightly to the gallery. Best to keep them loosely locked.   I believe the breakage of overly tight Lox-On chimneys may be a reason for the new Aladdin company to be switching back to the heel-less style with the model 23A burner.  These chimneys were made in Taiwan.



2005 Aladdin Chimney

This was only in production for 2 years   2005 to 2007


New Aladdin chimney logo

When the Aladdin division was sold in 1999 the new owners set about creating a new look for the company that separated the labeling and packaging from the recent low quality products.  They reached back  to earlier Aladdin logos from the company's hay days.

This new Aladdin chimney logo is a new variation on the circular 1908 logos. The new logos are printed in either black or white ink. A few chimneys with a very similar logo were produced during the 1990's. The while logo on the left is a chimney made in India.

So far these seem to be of good quality or at least I have not heard anything structurally unsound about them.  The new owners of Aladdin have worked diligently to improve quality control of all their products.

New Aladdin chimney logo


Some non - US Aladdin chimney labels:

Aladdin England used multiple companies to manufacture chimneys and used several logos on chimneys. Many of these logos overlapped in time so a chimney. This means UK chimneys can not be accurately dated by the type of logo stamped on the side.


Early Aladdon UK chimney
So far I have yet to see a ball style chimney labeled "British Made"

Aladdin UK chimney

This chimney is from the late 1920's and early 1930's. it was likely used on the model 11 London, Model 12 and early model 14 lamps.


Aladdin UK Chimney logo

Aladdin UK chimney logo

This marking is usually associated with model 21 lamps. The chimney is an improved Lox-On style Heelless versions have also been found, presumably as replacements for UK model 8 through 11 lamps. The logo comes in both white and black ink. They are associated with lamps made in the 1950's into the 1970's.


Aladdin UK model 21 chimney

This blue ink logo is usually associated with model 14 and 21 lamps.


Aladdin UK model 23 chimney

This UK logo is usually associated with UK made model 23 lamps.

This is the newest and last of the Aladdin UK chimney logo


Aladdin chimney made in UK

This Aladdin UK chimney was found on a bakelite lamp from the 1950's into the 1970's


Aladdin Australia chimney

Post WWII Australian Lox-On chimney logo.


Aladdin Australia chimney
Photo by Grant Bunter

No. 11 Australian heelless chimney


Aladdin Canada Chimney

One of a few different Aladdin Canada logos


Aladdin chimney Canada

Gold labeling on Aladdin chimney from the late 1930's. Box the chimney came in shown below. patent dates are 1930 and 1935. Photos courtesy of Steve Fowler.

Aladdin chimney box from late 1930's

1930's Aladdin chimney box

Aladdin France chimney markings
Courtesy of an Austrian Collector

Aladdin France, likely from the 1930's

Aladdin France chimney


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