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Aladdin Lamp model B "Corinthian" lamp  sold in 1935 and 1936


Aladdin lamp corenthian
B101 dark amber

The Model B Corinthian was the first Aladdin glass lamp to use an external metal metal connector to connect the bowl with the foot. During it's 2 year production run three different connector styles were used. During the first year there were two patterned white metal connectors used. The second year used a plain brass connector.

All Corinthians came with a nickel plated burner

Corinthian lamps came in 15 different colour combinations, some in moonstone and some in beta crystal. Versions were available in clear crystal bowls with coloured crystal bases as well as white moonstone bowls with coloured bases.

Model B correnthian

B-115 Apple Green

Aladdin lamp B101 top

People often confuse the Cathedral with the Corinthian because of the similar width vertical ribbing on the side of the bowl. The Corinthian has concave ribbing and the cathedral has concave ribbing.

Aladdin lamp Corenthian base

The Corinthian has a ribbed stem that flows out into a 6 sided base.

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