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Ceiling Extensions used by Aladdin

Back in the days before most home construction became standardized for 8 foot tall ceilings, ceiling extensions were needed to lower a hanging lamp for lighting and refilling. Aladdin offered 3 different catalogue styles of ceiling extensions as extra cost options for their for their hanging lamps.

Remember, since existing stock was used up and not junked, hanging lamps sold early in a selling season would well be expected to have the previous year model's extension. 

Ceiling hooks were standard with all Aladdin ceiling lamps at least up until 1949.  Extensions were the extra cost option.

All the variations of #1 ceiling extensions required a ceiling hook. #2 and #3 extensions used bolts that screwed them tight against the ceiling.


Aladdin extension 1

# 1 Ceiling Extension
(for model 1, 2 & 3)

This extension illustrated here was sold with a model 1 hanging lamp. This extension was manufactured by B&H.  There are a couple versions of the same design with different cut outs along the sides of the canopy.   I do not know if Aladdin used more than one cut out version.


# 1 Ceiling Extension
(for model 4)

Aladdin introduced a new ceiling extension with the model 4 lamp that they would use until the model 7 was introduced in 1917.  For some reason the price lists still referred to this extension as a #1.  Aladdin Knights usually refer to this extension as #1B to differentiate it from the early extension.

The early cross bar is a bent heavy gauge wire and appears to have only been in use in 1912 on model 4 lamps.  The cast crossbar shown below shows up in the literature for 1913 but may have been phased in in 1912.


Aladdin lamp extension

#1 Ceiling Extension (for model 5 & 6)

The cross bar on the illustrated extension was used on model 5 and 6 hanging lamps until the introduction of the model 7.  It is possible late model 4 lamps also used this cross bar.

The lower left picture shows a ceiling hook that was provided with the extension. It is the pattern illustrated at the top of this page. All #1 extensions were sold with a ceiling hook.

Aladdin lamp extension UNderside of Aladdin ceiling extension  


Aladdin lamp model 7 extension

#2 Ceiling Extension (Model 7)

This extension has a cast iron body and was only offered in 1917. It was designed for use on the Aladdin model 7 hanging lamp. The cross bar is an inverted match for the top of the model 7 & 8 hanging frame. Production numbers were high enough that some model 8 hanging lamps were sold with the model 7 extension.

Nickel finish versions were sold on Canadian model 6 hanging lamps that were offered in 1917 (Undated, uninsulated model 6 burner, late style hanger).

Here is the special bolt supplied to mount the #2 ceiling fixture. 

This view shows the head of the attachment bolt that came with the Aladdin #2 ceiling extension.  This extension is nickle plated. Likely sold with a mdoel 6 lamp sold in Canada during model 7 production in the US.

The canopy is cast iron with makes them a lot more sturdy than the thin metal stampings canopies previously used.  They are very prone to rust.

Aladdin #3 ceiling extension


Aladdin ceiling extension

#3 Ceiling Extension for Model 8 only

The Aladdin model 8 was the first to use the #3 ceiling extension. What makes this version unique is that it shares the same crossbar as the #2 ceiling extension and it is brass plated.


Aladdin model 12 extension  

# 3 Ceiling Extension
(Models 9 through B)

The #3 extension was offered starting with model 8 hanging lamps and was an option for all hanging lamps through at least 1950. Starting with model 9 a stamped steel crossbar was used.  I have not found a reference to them after a 1950 price list.  This was Aladdin's last ceiling extension as post WW II housing had mostly standardized on 8 foot ceilings. Finish Satin brass, nickel and  oxidized bronze. 

Previous extensions used a friction lock that tended to be finicky.  The 3 extension used locking arms and were a vast improvement over the previous ceiling extension motors.

Aladdin lamp extension Aladdin ceiling fixture label



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