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Aladdin Knights, The club for collectors of Aladdin lamps

A Bit of Antiquity  Sells Aladdin parts and some lamps

"Collecting Aladdin Kerosene Lamps" A very nice site by a collector that includes some good hints and many pictures of some very excellent condition lamps. His focus seems to be primarily glass models B lamps so it complements this site nicely.

Edward Miller & Co. centre draft kerosene lamps (Australian site) A very nice site covering the various Miller brands.

Edward Miller & CO centre draft kerosene lamps (German web site) Covers Miller centre draft lamps

Famos Forum An excellent site dedicated to Famos and Veritas mantle lamps. If you want to learn about these lamps this is the first place to look.

The Lampworks This site contains valuable information about lamp manufacturers,and lamp parts. They also offer a verity of lamp parts for sale.

Aladdin dealers in the United States:

Southern Lamp and Supply A supplier of lamps and lamp parts.

Good Pickin's A supplier of lamps and lamp parts


Aladdin dealers in Australia:

Associated Kerosene & Oil Lamps Australia
Phone # 02 4842 1183

Light of Future Past
Phone # 03 9645 5267

T W Sands & Company
Phone # 03 9347 2804


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