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If you have an Aladdin lamp related web site and would like a reciprocal link between my site to yours, please with the URL and site details.

Aladdin Knights, The club for collectors of Aladdin lamps

A Bit of Antiquity  Sells Aladdin parts and some lamps

"Collecting Aladdin Kerosene Lamps" A very nice site by a collector that includes some good hints and many pictures of some very excellent condition lamps. His focus seems to be primarily glass models B lamps so it complements this site nicely.

Edward Miller & Co. centre draft kerosene lamps (Australian site) A very nice site covering the various Miller brands.

Edward Miller & CO centre draft kerosene lamps (German web site) Covers Miller centre draft lamps

The Lampworks This site contains valuable information about lamp manufacturers,and lamp parts. They also offer a verity of lamp parts for sale.

Aladdin dealers in the United States:

Good Pickin's A supplier of lamps and lamp parts. They ship internationally.

aladdin-us.com  A supplier of Aladdin lamps and lamp parts

Imperial Lighting Co.  A supplier of Aladdin lamps and supplies


Aladdin dealers in Australia:

Associated Kerosene & Oil Lamps Australia
Phone # 02 4842 1183

Light of Future Past
Phone # 03 9645 5267

T W Sands & Company
Phone # 03 9347 2804


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