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French Model 1250 shelf lamp.  Also used with special hangers as hanging lamp (1930's)


French Aladdin model 12 shelf lamp

Lampe Reclame No. 1250

This is an Aladdin model 12 oil pot lamp that has been modified for use as a shelf lamp and was also used in two hanging lamps, Lyre Suspension No. 1254 and Lampe suspension N0. 1274.  The earliest found version came with a London model 11 burner. Most of these lamps are nickel plated lamps are fitted with an English model 12 burner and a French labeled chimney. Both the shelf and hanging versions of this lamp are documented in a 1938 Aladdin France sales brochure. The last version used a model 14 Super Aladdin burner.

Though it is not officially documented, it appears that the Aladdin Paris sales office contracted independent manufacturers to make unique lamp bases to be paired with Aladdin UK burners.

The Lyre Suspension No. 1254 hanging lamp appears to be a store lamp with a minimal wire frame and metal coolie hat style shade.

The Lampe suspension No. 1274 hanging lamp appears to be a home parlor lamp style.  It is a chain hanging type that attaches to what appears to be an ornate cast 3 arm ring. It comes with what appears to be a glass dome shade that has tassels hanging around the bottom.

NOTE: Aladdin US used catalogue N0. 1250 for one of the model 12 birdcage floor lamps.  Different sales regions used the same catalogue number for different lamps.


There was a model 14 version of the French shelf lamp. The model 14 version is less common than the model 12 version.

Aladdin model 14 French shelf lamp
With early London model 14 burner.
Photo courtesy of Erwin Schäfer

French Aladdin model 14 shelf lamp
Photo courtesy of Erwin Schäfer

French model 14 SuperAladdin burner knob

The last French lamps produced before WWII had model 14 burners labeled "Aladdin S.A. Paris". This appears to be a rare burner.



Aladdin model 11 French shelf lamp
This model 11 shelf lamp is the earliest version found. It has the model 11 London burner.

Photo courtesy of
Dainius Sidlauskas

Aladdin model 12 oil pot lamp and French shelf lamp

The French model 12 lamp next to a standard model 12 oil pot.   Note the lamp on the left is  a little closer affecting the relative size in the picture.


Underside Aladdin model 12 oil pot lamp and French Aladdin lamp

There are several differences in the bottom the oil pot vs French shelf lamp.  The lower part of the French lamp was made from different tooling and the chime appears to be a little narrower than the standard US made model 12 oil pot.



French Aladdin model 12 shelf lamps

2 of the French model 1250 shelf lamps side by side.  All photos of the model 1250 lamps on this page provided by John Whitehead.  The lamp on the left is now in my collection.

The wick riser on the French model 1250 lamp is stamped with "IMPORTE D'ANGLETERRE"

Aladdin France model 12 wick riser stamping
French Aladdin ChimneyAladdin France chimney

Two different Aladdin France chimney markings

Aladdin model 12 manual cover, France
French manual for Aladdin model 12 in pdf form
click on picture to download manual



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