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Australian Aladdin table lamp, style 1653   (1953 through 1956)


Aladdin lamp style 1653
#1653, pastel green

Australian lamp model 1653 lamp was manufactured between 1953 and 1956. The lamp body was made of plastic and came in four colours: pastel blue, pastel pink, pastel green and white.  There were two versions.  One came with a metal base ring and one did not.  They also came with different shades.  The Aladdin name appears on the filler cap.

These lamps were very stable and recommended for the elderly and for children's rooms.

Most of these lamps were fitted with 16A burners (#14 Super Aladdin) but some are found with 16B burners (US model B) and #21 burners as stocks of this lamp took a few years to sell out.

Aladdin 1653 lamp

Aladdin blue 1653 lamp
#1653, blue

Aladdin model 16A plastic lamp
#1653, pink

Aladdin Australia 1653
#1653 White
Photo by A. Trueman

Aladdin model 16A filler cap
#1653 filler cap

Note that some were found without the Aladdin name.




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