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Aladdin model 23 70th Anniversary table lamp  (1978)


Aladdin 70th anniversary lamp
Aladdin 70th Anniversary commemorative lamp

1978 marked the 70th anniversary of the Mantle Lamp company (Aladdin).  To mark this anniversary Aladdin designed and manufactured 2,900 of these special lamps.

The lamp was sold only with a hand painted shade and had its own special filler cap.  This was the first lamp Aladdin made that had an etched surface and a commemorative button insert.  Personally, I think this is the loveliest glass table lamp that Aladdin ever manufactured and would love to see them bring this version back sans the commemorative button.

foot and stem of the Aladdin 70th anniversary lamp
This picture shows the details of the stem and base.  If ever there was a glass table lamp to bring back into production to replace the long running model 23 short Lincoln rape lamps I think it is this one.

Aladdin 70th anniversary button

A close up of the commemorative button glued to the side of the lamp bowl.

1908 - 1978 with the Aladdin lamp logo underneath.



Filler caps for Aladdin 70th anniversary lamp

Machined aluminum filler cap and threaded insert for the Aladdin model 23 70th Anniversary lamp. This lamp along with the model 23 deluxe table and fount lamps are the only ones to use a filler cap machined out of solid metal. This cap is unique to the 70th anniversary lamp.




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