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Contents Aladdin model 23 B-225 Deluxe fount lamp  (1999 through now) with history going back to the 1970's.


Aladdin model 23 Deluxe fount lamp
B-225 deluxe fount lamp

Aladdin model 23 Deluxe font lamp did not start out as an Aladdin lamp.  This model lamp started out being manufactured for a Southern California lamp dealer, Ken Moore in the mid 1970's. Ken sold the business and moved to Northern California taking the tooling with him.  In the early mid 1980's Ken (my neighbor and lamp mentor) sold the tooling for the lamp to Tom Teeter of American Lamp Supply. Tom put the lamp back into production as a hanging and wall mount lamp.  Ken designed this lamp to be an updated model 6 tribute. It was available with and without a chimney tube. I saw my first example of the 115 style hanger with 201 glass shade hanging in Ken's dining room. It looked stunning in polished brass.

When Tom put this lamp back into production he only produced the 115 style with the brass chimney tube.  The American Lamp Supply company was merged into the new Aladdin lamp company when Tom and a couple partners purchased the Aladdin lamp division in 1999. The Deluxe hanging and wall mount lamps became Aladdin lamps.

This lamp is manufactured by Sherwood  International in England. These lamps are higher quality than Aladdin designed lamps, made from thicker brass with high attention to detail and quality then coated with a clear lacquer finish. As of this writing, early 2012, it is unclear if this gorgeous lamp is still in production.  The lamp appears in the Aladdin web site but is listed as out of stock.

The 1-1/2 quart B-225 bowl and filler cap is shared with the B-225 deluxe brass K102 table lamp which also originally came from Ken Morre in the mid 1970's.


Aladdin model 23 Deluxe filler cap
The filler cap is machined out of solid brass and is shared with the B-225 fount lamp.

B225 is the part number for the Deluxe fount lamp with deluxe wall bracket and no shade
BH210 is the part number for the deluxe font lamp with hanger with no shade
BH210 - 201 is the part number for the deluxe font lamp, hanger and 201 style glass shade.

Aladdin model 23 Deluxe fount lamp




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