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Aladdin model A & B "Colonial" lamp  (1933)

Aladdin model B Colonial lamp

The Aladdin "Colonial" lamp was Aladdin's second glass lamp.  It came in three colours: clear, green and amber. Early lamps came with model A burners.  Later lamps came with model B burners.  The clear and green lamps came with a nickel plated collar and filler cap.  The amber lamps came with a light bronze finish.

CAUTION: There is no connector between the bowl and stem to handle thermal expansion.  The two pieces of glass were heat fused together and can easily break under thermal stress.  What this means is that you do not pour cold  outside winter temperature kerosene into a room temperature lamp and you do not wash this lamp in hot water.

The kerosene and lamp should be sitting in the same room for a while so that are close to the same temperature before filling the lamp.  You should wash the lamp in room temperature water.   Aladdin did not fix this issue until 1935 model glass lamps.
















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