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Aladdin Model B "Simplicity" table lamp  (1948 through 1953 )

Aladdin model B simplicity lamp
B-28 Clear glass painted rose pink

The Aladdin model B "Simplicity" table lamp came in both Alacite and painted clear glass.

In 1948, it was only available in Alacite. Some had the bowl and foot painted with a mottled gold paint and some had floral decals applied to the bowl. These lamps were fitted with a Chicago model B burner.

1949 through 1952 there was a version that was made from clear glass and painted white.  This lamp had a Nashville model B burner.

1949 through 1953 models came in clear glass painted rose pink and a light pastel green. These lamps were fitted with Nashville model B burners as well.







Aladdin model B simplicty gold tone
B-27 Alacite with mottled gold paint coating



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