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Aladdin model B glass font lamps (1935 through 1954 )


Aladdin model B glass font lamps
Aladdin model B glass font lamps from:  Alacite (1939 - 1952), Green Moonstone (1936 - 1938), White moonstone (1936 - 1938), Clear (1953, 1954)

The Aladdin model B glass font lamps were introduced in 1935, the same year that the model B metal font lamps were introduced and the year after the model 12 font lamps were discontinued.  The glass font design underwent a few changes in the lamp's early years. The 1935 version has a recessed filler and a couple other differences from the common version. I do not have any 1935 lamps in my collection so can not describe the details.  1936 and 1937 lamps did not have the three dimple feet seen in the common later lamps. the 1938 and newer lamps have the three little dimple feet and are the ones commonly seen today.

The green moonstone and white moonstone lamps only came with model B Chicago burners. The clear model B font lamp only came with Nashville burners.  The Alacite  lamps came with either Chicago or Nashville burners.  The early Alacite formula included uranium dioxide which glows under a UV light. Early in WWII the formula was changed because uranium dioxide became a restricted war material. Alacite lamps made from 1939 through 1941 were old formula.  I have not noticed any collector premium placed on the old formula alacite font lamps.


Aladdin model B glass font lamp
1936 - 1937 green moonstone lamp
In a side by side comparison, the glass font appears to be identical to the 1938 and later model B lamps except for the presence or absence of the dimple feet.


Aladdin model B 1936 font lamp
The 1936 - 1937 Aladdin model B font lamps can easily be distinguished from the later version by the lack of dimple feet on the bottom.



In 1943 Aladdin sold Alacite font lamps made from a different mold.  It is commonly called a ring foot lamp and appears to be single year production only.  There seems to be a lot of confusion as to what a Ring foot lamp looks like.  I will try to clear that up.


Aladdin model B ring foot lamp
This is a Ring foot lamp.  Notice that it has glass threads and the wide flattish band around the top side to hold the lamp in a bracket.

The common glass model B fonts have a metal thread insert and the band round the top side is rounded.


Aladdin model B ring foot lamp side view
The shape of the foot is what gives it its popular name.

Aladdin model B glass font foot
The common shape is smooth and shorter than the ring foot.


Aladdin model B ring foot lamp bottom
Here you can see that the ring foot lamp is just that.  A ring foot.

Aladdin alicite font lamp bottom view
Here you can see the base is a molded foot and not just a ring attached to the bottom. You can also see the three dimple feet that  is on the 1938 and newer lamps


Aladdin model B glass font comparison
Common Alacite font on left, Ring foot alacite font on right


Aladdin model B font lamp collar
1936 - 1937 model B
Collar crimp is not continuous but a series of horizontal dashes around collar

Aladdin Model B and model 23 comparison
1938 & newer Model B left, Model 23 Genie on right
1938 & newer model B collar crimp is  continuous line around the collar
The model 23 Genie III collar is glued on without a crimp so is in smooth.

The only real diagnostic between the 1936-'37 lamps and the 1938 and later Aladdin model B font lamps are the collar crimp and the presence or absence of three dimple feet on the bottom of the lamp.



How to tell the model B glass font lamps from the newer glass font lamps:

The mold for the Genie III lamp appears to have been made from a Model B glass font lamp The dimensions are the same between both lamps and the mold seam marks are located in the same place for both versions.  So how do you tell the model B from the model 23?  The collar on a model B has an indentation ring going around it.  The collar on the model 23 Genie III is smooth.  In unmodified lamps the model B filler cap is taller than the model 23 filler cap. The glass exterior of the model B lamp is smooth.  The glass exterior of the model 23 lamp is just barely noticeably wavy pattern.


Roots of the Genie III

The Genie III lamp mold was first used by The American Lamp Supply by Tom Teeter.  These lamps became Aladdin lamps when the group of enthusiasts, including Tom purchased the Aladdin Mantle Lamp division.  Lamps made from this mold and fitted with Aladdin model 23 burners and sold without burner were offered from at least the mid 1980's.The lamps sold by the American Lamp Supply came in Alacite Beige, soft green, light pink and a medium blue. 

American Lamd Supply font lamps
Picture from American Lamp Supply catalogue

0153-02 Alacite beige
0153-03 soft green
0153-04 light pink
0153-06 Medium blue

I suspect that American Lamp Supply soft green, Alacite beige and possibly the light pink versions have been fitted with model B fonts and mistakenly sold as model B glass font lamps or sold as model B fonts without a burner.  It would behoove the buyer to check the collar and the surface texture of one of these lamps before buying.

As long as you know what you are buying these are very lovely lamps that can stand out in a collection.  The American Lamp Supply versions could be purchased with a matching colour model B style glass shade.




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