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In appreciation:

This Aladdin focused web section is a collaborative effort of many people.  Much of it is based upon my own efforts of comparing lamp parts with one another, then filtering what I've found through my knowledge of manufacturing & marketing practices, as well as the study of Aladdin documents such as price lists, sales literature, box labels and lamp manuals.  But much of the content is also the direct result of email correspondence with many people over the last few years.  Unfortunately most of these information tidbits have gone into notes (often on the backs of envelopes), been merged with contributions from others, then edited onto multiple drafts of web pages where paragraphs may individually shift from draft page to draft page before ever being uploaded into this web site. All this is a way of saying that I have received a lot of help from individuals but have lost track of who has contributed what for much of it. If I have forgotten to mention anyone as a source it was not on purpose.  So first of all I thank each and everyone who has helped me along in my research by sending me additional information and jpegs and my apologies for forgetting who sent what.

In addition:

Thanks to Ken Moore, My then neighbor and Aladdin lamp guru, who took the time to mentor a neophyte Aladdin collector and neighbor.  He taught me a lot about how Aladdin lamps work, how to return a neglected lamp to service and answered my endless questions.  Ken imparted knowledge and insight that would otherwise have taken me decades to learn.

Much of the information in this site is based upon published research done by Bill Courter and Allin Hodson.  Both individuals have researched Aladdin lamps and published their results.  I'm in awe of the research they did.  If you have a strong interest about Aladdin lamps I strongly suggest purchasing their books and study them in detail.

Aladdin The Magic Name in Lamps, revised edition, 1997 by J.W. Courter, printed by Image Graphics, Inc, Paducah, Ky.  ISBN 0-9618879-2-3

Aladdin Kerosene Lamps in Australia, 1999 by Allin C. Hodson, printed by Hyde Park Press, Australia ISBN 0-646 37755-8

This web site is intended to supplement these published works with additional information and not to copy them. So if you are looking for a well rounded Aladdin education I again suggest that you purchase and read their books.

An extra special Thank you to Bill Courter for his support in my efforts, providing pictures for the web site and additional information. His help has allowed me to add more Aladdin information to this web site that does not exist in his book. Taken together we provide a more comprehensive look at Aladdin through time than either his book or this web site alone.

I would also like to thank John Claypole and John Whitehead who took the time to answer my questions about Aladdin UK and helped me piece together a broader picture of Aladdin history and products. Most of the content in this site regarding Aladdin UK and UK lamps comes from direct correspondence from these two people.  Thanks especially to John Whitehead for sharing so many pictures of Aladdin UK products.

I would also like to thank Steve Fowler, Paul Laird and Joe Karp for both their enthusiastic support for this project and for sharing  so many pictures to help illustrate this project. And a thank you to Steve Lolley for making available copies from his lamp documentation collection.

Please note: I consider e-bay listing content to be public domain unless marked otherwise.  Some pictures of lamps I do not own and some description information used in this web site have come from e-bay listing content.  Sometimes content on ebay listings are copied from other sources.  If you see something that you believe belongs to you that you do not want shared with others through this site, or that you would like credit for please contact me.

Thank you all for your help and contributions.



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