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Vertique Model B lamp Sold in 1938

This vertically ribbed glass lamp was available in yellow, white, rose and jade green moonstone art glass. The bowl is joined to the foot with a brass connector. Except for the rose coloured lamp, the finish on the connector and top collar is silver. The Rose vertique came with brass coloured connector, collar and burner. The other lamps came with nickel plated model B burners.

Aladdin lamp, model B vertique
This is picture of my yellow vertique lamp was taken as part of a photography class project. For this picture I fitted a brass finish model B burner and a reproduction 501 glass shade. The original 501 shade was an option for the model 9 lamp.

This lamp and the shade are backlit. The apparent brightness is a light located behind the backdrop passing through holes in the back drop to back illuminate the lamp and shade.
     Model B Yellow Vertique, Aladdin catalogue number B-88




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