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Aladdin Model B metal font lamps (1935 through 1954 )


The only model B metal lamp to overlap with the model 12 was the #1221 Model B oil pot that was sold both as a stand alone oil pot and in 1934 floor lamps. Model B font lamps were introduced in 1935 after the model 12 font lamp was discontinued.  There were three sets of tooling that I am aware of used during model B font lamp production. These font lamps were used as stand alone shelf or table lamps, hanging lamps and as wall mounted and railroad caboose lamps


Early Aladdin model B metal lamp
Aladdin model B metal lamp 1935 through 1941

The early model B font lamps had a rounded side that fit the shape of 1935 through early WWII floor lamps. This version was in production from 1935 through 1941.

The font lamps were available in three colours:

B-160: Nickel plated with nickel plated burner.

B-161: Rose gold with Rose gold plated burner

B-162: oxidized bronze with  oxidized bronze plated burner.

These fonts were offered stand alone or with either hangers or wall brackets  For the metal lamps the tilt frame hanger was plated to match the lamp.  The 1935 model B wall bracket was two tone.  B-185 was a nickel plated wall lamp with a green and silver bracket.  B-186 was a rose gold lamp with rose golf and ivory bracket.

WWII Aladdin steel model B lamp
World War II Aladdin model B font lamp

During World was II both brass and plating materials were restricted to military or critical civilian use. The only metal lamp produced by Aladdin during the war years was the caboose lamp which was only offered to railroads.

These model B font lamps were made from steel instead of brass though the burner remained brass.  The wick riser and the wick cleaner were also made from steel.  The lamp base was coated with a black oxide process to inhibit rust.

This lamp used the same tooling as the prewar brass font lamps.  This version was in production from 1942 to 1946

Post war Aladdin model B font lamp
Post world war II brass model B font lamp

When world war II ended and brass was once again unrestricted Aladdin again offered brass model B font lamps for general sale. These lamps used new tooling that had straight sides and a sharper bend bear the base. Otherwise the lamps looked the same.

No. 160 nickel plated
No. 161 satin brass
No. 162 oxidized bronze

These lamps were offered alone, in the new post WWII hanger or in the new post WWII wall mount as well as the black finish caboose bracket.  This version was in production from 1946 through 1948

Aladdin Model B Nashville font lamp
Bronze painted Aladdin model B Nashville font lamp

In 1949 when Aladdin moved its headquarters from Chicago to Nashville and number of cost reduction changes were made. For the model B metal font lamp this meant retooling to a less expensive to manufacture font and the elimination of plating in favour of a painted finish. The model B burners were now labeled Nashville.

This version was in production from  1949 through 1954.


Aladdin mobel B font lamp bottoms
Early model B bottom pattern on left, Nashville model B bottom without pattern and reduced foot on right


Aladdin model B metal font lamp comparison
Profiles of pre-WWII lamp on left and post WWII lamp on right. The foot pattern stayed the same.


Aladdin model B side comparison
Profiles of post _WWII font on left and Nashville font on right.

Aladdin model B thread insert
Model B thread insert used on metal font lamps before 1949

Threads of model B nashville
Nashville model B thread was a single thread stamped into the lamp top


Aladdin model B filler caps
The same filler cap was used on all model B metal font lamps


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