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Wall Mount Brackets

Aladdin used a number of wall brackets over the years. It can be difficult to tell which is which and which arm goes with which wall mount.  This page attempts to sort them out so you know which wall mount should be paired with which lamp. One important clue is the bottom ring of hanging lamp frames.  The rings on the pre model 12 wall lamps mirror the rings on the hanging lamp for any texturing and the method of expanding.

My thanks to Jack Worthley and Ed Bauck for their help with pictures and sorting out the brackets. A big thanks to Donald Lebakken who provided pictures and text for the Aladdin caboose wall mount brackets.


Model 1-4: Standard early wall piece: embossed 6" font holder made of flat steel stamped with a pattern.  The ring embossing pattern is the same as was used on the models 1 through most of model 4 hanging lamps. Except for the stamped pattern on the hoop this is very similar to the current model 23 deluxe wall bracket.

Aladin Lamp wall bracket


Model Late model 4,  all model 5 &  early 6: Nickel or brass finish. The mounting bracket on model 4 hanging lamps was changed to this type of latch and no pattern late during model 4 production. Since the hoop on wall mounts match the hoops on hanging lamps I'm assuming the wall mount bracket changed at about the same time.  This latch style was used in the early model 6 hangers as well.  My guess is this bracket was sold from early 1913 through 1914 and maybe into early 1915.  It would be would be correct for models 4, 5 and early 6 with the bottom drip plate held on with a screw and having an undated insulated burner.

This uses the same arm  and wall bracket as the earlier  holder.  The hoop has been made expandable to allow table lamps to be wall mounted (Some people could only afford one lamp and moved it about). The plated steel hoop is plain without the earlier embossing and uses the early Aladdin latch that has a check mark shaped slot in the inner ring. The slot is not visible from the outside.   The key diagnostic for this is the expansion slot and latch.

Aladdin model 6 wall bracket

Aladdin wall bracket detail

LEFT: detail picture of the model 4, 5 & 6 wall bracket showing the check mark shaped slot in the inner ring.

Late model 4 hanging ring
Ring on late model 4 narrow frame hanger, possibly early 1913

Aladdim model 6 early hanger ring
Ring on early model 6 hanger, 1914, possible into first half of 1915


Models 6 : Nickel plated or brass.   The steel hoop has been updated to use the same expansion slot and latch as was used on Aladdin model 6 hanger (later versions) and models 9 through 11 hanging lamps. The wall bracket ring had no pattern, again following the hanging lamp ring style.  I still need to get a good transition date between this one and the earlier version.

Aladdin wall bracket


Early model 7: This bracket was only in production for a short time because Aladdin quickly discovered that the ring was too light duty to support a full quart and a half lamp and the lamp shade. All model 7 & 8 wall lamps were sold with the glass shade. The weight will cause the steel ring to sag downwards and the rivets holding it to the arm stretched.  This bracket was soon replaced with the much stronger cast bracket.

Aladdin model 7 early wall bracket
The pattern is the same as used on the hanging lamp bottom ring. The wall mounting bracket is the same as the model 6 bracket.


Model 7 & 8 Early on during model 7 production Aladdin introduced a cast bracket that was a lot stronger than the original model 7 wall mount.  This cast wall mount is unique among pre model 12 lamps by being different from the hanging lamp mounting ring.  It was offered for both model 7 and model 8 lamps.


Open Hoop: Cast iron with a heavy brass coating. Open hoop 7 inches in diameter.

Aladdin model 7 wall lamp bracket Aladdin model 8 lamp mounting bracket

Bracket top view

Bracket bottom view

Aladdin model 7 bracket detail Aladdin model 8 bracket arm

This show the cast pattern and the cross section

Pattern on the stem. The post is 7/16 inch in diameter.

Aladdin model 7 wall bracket

Wall bracket for model 7 & 8 cast wall hanger. Fits 7/16 inch diameter post.


Models 9-11: Nickel plated only. Same as the later version of the model 6 wall mount bracket.

Aladdin wall bracket

Early Model 12 Basket hanger: 1928 through 1931 (?)

Model 12 wall bracket
The bracket is made out of plated stamped steel parts. The ring locks the basket into place. This ring is also used on the four post hanging lamp frame and on the bird cage floor lamp.

The model 12 hanger basket and ring were used to mount the font lamp to the wall bracket, the four post hanger and the bird cage floor lamps.

The base of the basket clamps between the burner and the font. The wick adjuster arm and knob fits through the 'T'' that can be seen at the back of the basket. The flanges at the top of the basket fit to to a corresponding thread at the bottom of the basket.

A locking pin on the ring drops into the basket slot visible along the inside basket top when the basket is rotated to the locked position on the ring.

Model 12 shade arm

A glass shade was optional for the Aladdin model 12 wall bracket. Four of these arms can be screwed to the ring to support a 10 inch glass shade. The wall hanger picture above shows the four mounting slots at the top of the mounting ring.


Late Model 12, Early Model B Hoop: 1932 - 1934

Aladdin lamp bracket

This bracket first appears on the 1932 wholesale price list and is referred to as a model 6 swing arm. The arm is identical to the one used earlier for models 6 (late) and 9 through 11 except for addition of two little stops on the rear of the arm to prevent a shade from swinging into the wall and being knocked off.


Model B with Round Stem (0175, 0176): This one appears to have been offered for sale only in 1935 so is fairly rare.

1935 Aladdin wall mount bracket

0175 finish is light green with a nickel plated lamp ring
0175 finish is ivory white with a rose gold ring finish.


The arm and bracket were found separately and await refinishing. 

Note the strong Nouveau influence in the design.  I suspect this is a one year bracket because tastes had changed and deco style was more the rage.  This is also Aladdin's first wall bracket since the model 1 through4 bracket that could not accommodate a table lamp. They still offered the late model 12 adjustable hoop bracket.



Model B Cast Stem, non Expandable Hoop (0177, 0188): This one looks to be 1936 through 1941. Both wall bracket and arm are unique.

Aladdin 1936 - 41 wall mount bracket

0177 finish Ivory painted arm and bracket with nickel hoop.
0188 finish bronze


Aladdin model B wall mount arm

This bracket has a distinct  deco influence and was in production up until WW II.

Aladdin model B mounting bracket



Model B Stamped Steel (0179, 0180): This one appears to be 1942 through 1946. I believe Ivory color was available only in 1943 with the ivory Alacite font ( see page 254 of Aladdin the magic name in lamps).  This is the war years bracket.

Aladdin model B WWII walll mount bracket

0179 finish is nickel
0180 finish is bronze


Model B & Newer Stamped Steel (0190 & 0191): In production from 1947 through today. # 0190 model B ivory finish. # 0191 model B nickel finish.  #N118N is silver paint. # N118B is the bracket in brass plating. This would be the correct bracket for a model B font lamp that came with a Nashville B burner and any newer font lamps..

Aladdin bracket N118B



Model 21:Finish Nickel.  This may have been only offered for sale in the UK and appears to be fairly rare.

Aladdin model 21 wall bracket


Aladdin model 21 wall bracket
Texture on rim is reflection. Finish is smooth


Model 23, Cast Stem, non Adjustable Hoop: Wall bracket and arm are a copy of the design used for model 1-6 and 9-11 wall mounts. The plated steel hoop is plain and not adjustable. This version was first put into production by the American Lamp Supply company.   When American Lamp Supply merged with Aladdin, the bracket continued production as a genuine Aladdin wall mount.  Early versions used casting molds that poorly reproduced the bracket and arm pattern.  It is my understanding that the newer wall mounts use better castings. This is very close to the bracket used on the Practicus, the very first lamp sold by Aladdin.  It is quite possible to confuse the brackets manufactured in the 1906, 1907 time frame with these new brackets.

#152-4B, brass finish. Wall plate is Aladdin # 153-1RB. Also available in nickel plate as shown below. 

Aladdin wall bracket

A comparison between an old bracket arm (top) and new arm (bottom)


Aladdin Wall bracket
Early bracket left, new bracket right. The old bracket was polished better prior to plating. The real difference is the flower detail. Otherwise the new wall bracket is an acceptable substitute for all but a specimen lamp. I have heard that the wall bracket tooling has been remade to be closer to the original.


Railroad caboose lamps and brackets (Pictures and some text courtesy of Donald Lebakken, and Bill Courter):

Railroad cabooses did not have electricity until diesel locomotives took over. Aladdin produced special wall brackets for cabooses from 1937 into the 1980s though the newer lamps were sold mainly for cabins  and camping trailers. The lamps were metal font lamps and they used a special white 12 inch Whip-O-Lite paper shade. Caboose shades had an upper wire bracket to steady the shade and keep it from falling off while the train was moving. It also had a silver reflector sheet attached to the inside back half of the shade to reflect light to maximize light into the caboose. Learn more about the model B font lamps used as caboose lamps

First Aladdin caboose lamp
Prototype caboose bracket first installed in a caboose for testing. Note a single back plate and spring arm
made to handle horizontal motion and the snap on bracket to secure the lamp to the bracket.
Under movement the mantle was soon destroyed and it was back to the drawing board.

Later prototype bracket design added a second plate and springs to dampen the complex movement of a moving caboose.
These were nickel plated and stamped patent applied for. Less than 10 or these prototype brackets are known to still exist,
The first patent for the caboose bracket was submitted in 1939 showing a single plate prototype version (pat # 2202,814) granted in June 4, 1940.
This was followed by patent # 2259,522 granted on October 21, 1941 which added the second plate and additional springs.



ALaddin caboose lamp
Early Aladdin Caboose lamp with the first production caboose wall bracket and pre-WWII brass font lamp.
The Aladdin caboose lamp first appeared on the wholesale price list in 1939 and was not available to to the general public.
Railroad companies were resistant to change and slow to standardize use of the new caboose lamp.
The Union Pacific railroad was the first to adapt the Aladdin caboose lamp.


Early Aladdin caboose wall mount bracket
First Aladdin Caboose wall mounting bracket (pre-WWII)

The top pivot shaft on the bracket held in place by cotter pins and the springs for vertical movement were
also held in place with cotter pins( not adjustable).The front plate that holds the springs for
horizontal movement is completely rectangular.



Aladdin WWII caboose lamp
World War II Aladdin caboose lamp. During WWII when use of brass was restricted the Aladdin caboose lamp
was made from steel coated with an oxide protecting finish. The wall bracket was improved to provide adjustable spring loading.
During WWII all Aladdin font lamps were glass with the exception of the steel caboose lamps.
After WWII, these brackets were used with post war brass font lamps until 1955.
The earliest Aladdin literature found so far that shows the hour shaped second plate is dated may 1945.
However the changeover in the secondary bracket shape was likely well before that date.


Aladdin caboose bracket for WWII through 1955
The top vertical pivot mount was changed and wing nuts were added for justifiability. Also the shape of the front plate changed.


1955 Aladdin caboose lamp
In 1955 a flood destroyed all the Aladdin tooling. The model C burner and lamps were hastily designed and put into production
The new caboose wall brackets were silver finished to match the aluminum lamps. This bracket was also used with aluminum model 21C lamps.


Aladdin caboose wall bracket for models C and 21C lamps
The construction of the post 1955 wall brackets remained the same except the wall mounts were silver to
match the aluminum font lamps


Aladdin model 23 caboose lamp
During model 23 production Aladdin discontinued brass wick cleaners and introduced plastic wick
cleaners that would not fit the holder bracket. The wick holder bracket was removed from the
caboose wall bracket. By this time sales were for use in cabins and camping trailers and white
decorated shades largely replaced the white shades. The caboose wall mount brackets were
discontinued in the 1980s though there was enough unsold stock that they were listed on price
lists until the early 1990s.


Model 23 Aladdin caboose wall bracket
The model 23 caboose bracket is identical to the bracket used for models C and 21C except the
wick cleaner mounting bracket was removed.

The Aladdin caboose lamps were discontinued as a single offering in the early 1980s, but the caboose brackets were available as stand alone products into the early 1990s and purchasers could separately purchase a font lamp to create a caboose lamp. Late during production some caboose lamps were plated and given away to retiring railroad employees as retirement momentos So some plated late railroad lamps may be found.


Special Aladdin caboose lamp mantle
During model B production Aladdin sold a special mantle to railroad companies. Note that there were 2 different methods to
mount the mantle to the frame, 2 wire and 4 wire. Picture by Bill Courter


mantle for Aladdin caboose lamp
AT least one other company offered mantles for Aladdin Caboose lamps.


First caboose lamp install
The first installation of a prototype Aladdin caboose lamp to test how it would work on a moving caboose
The bracket could only compensate for horizontal movement and the mantle soon broke.
So it was back to the drawing board.
Photo courtesy of Bill Courter.

If you would like to learn more about the Aladdin caboose lamps and their history you can order a copy of the Jan 1998 Mystic Light newsletter of the Aladdin Knights, available for $4.00 plus $2.00 shipping.







rectangle, black




rectangle, black




hour-glass, blk or silver




hour-glass, silver




hour-glass, silver




hour-glass silver


Table from Jan. 1998, Vol. 25 No 5 issue of The Mystic Light of the
Aladdin Knights


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