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Rider Triple Air Mantle Lamps

Rider table lamp

The Rider mantle lamp is a member of a family of almost identical mantle lamps that the Edward Miller & Co. Mantle Lamp Department manufactured for other companies. The Rider lamp was manufactured for the A. G. Kaufman Mfg, CO. on 94 Chambers St. and 83 reade St. New York City. The company also made glass shades, chandlers, bunsen burners and a line of pressurized Kerosene lamps.

The Rider Triple air mantle lamp was available as a table lamp and a fount lamp.

Rider fount lamp


Sales brochure

Cover Rider lamp sales brochure
Click on cover image to download the complete sales brochure.
20 MEG pdf file

Rider flame spreader

The Rider Triple Air CO2 Generator. This is a unique patented design only used on the Rider mantle lamps. The inner draft tube indent for anchoring the flame spreader is in the same location as the Miller family mantle lamps that use a thimble type flame spreader.

Rider tripple air mantle lamp burner Rider mantle lamp top

The distinctive flame spreader is what first identifies the Raider Triple Air Mantle Lamp from the other mantle lamps made by The Edward Miller Mantle Lamp Department.
At first glance it might be easy to mistake a Sunlight mantle lamp with its similar flame spreader.


Bottom of Rider Triple air table lamp

Diagnostic of a Rider Triple air table lamp base is that the inner wick tube extends through the lamp stem an is attached at the top of the lamp foot. All the other Miller family of mantle lamps have the center draft tube connected at the base of the kerosene bowl.

The Rider triple air flame spreader will fit correctly in most of the other miller family lamp founts but it evidently needs that extra long inner wick tube to function correctly.


gallery side view Gallery top view
gallery bottom view

The gallery used on the Rider lamps is the common gallery shared among most of the mantle lamps manufactured by Edward Miller & CO. These gallerys used the then common cap mantle.


Filler cap used on the Miller mantle lamps

The Rider lamp used the same filler cap as the other mantle lamps manufactured by the Edward Miller mantle Lamp Department. Note the centre hole. This was used to allow air into the bowl to equalize air pressure then the kerosene level dropped as the lamp was burning. Without the hole the lamp would self extinguish as a vacuum built up inside the bowl.


Sears Bright As Day lamp wick holder
Rider wick carrier

Sears Bright as Day wick adjuster gears
Wick adjustment gear rides against the wick holder rack gear which rides inside the 'J' shaped bracket

Note: The Aladdin model 6 mounted wick fits in a Rider mantle lamp.


Wall mount bracket for Daylite fount lamp

Daylite wall mount bracket
Wall mounting bracket sold by Rider.

Wall mount arm for Daylite font lamp






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