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MaxBrite Grand Vertique made 2017

A Signature Series Aladdin lamp

Aladdin MaxBrite green Grand Vertique lamp

Emerald Green Grand Vertique table lamp
Photo courtesy of Aladdin


The Aladdin emerald green grand vertique table lamp is the first limited edition Signature Series Aladdin lamp. The Aladdin "Signature Series" are limited production lamps made to honor Victor S. Johnson Sr. who was the fouder of Aladdin.

There were approximatly 135 lamps made. Each is serial numbered with a signature sticker on the underside of the lamp. Each lamp came with a certificate of authenticity listing the serial number.  The Serial number is also on the box it comes in. With the label and documentation there should not be any confusion with any future copies made by other companies.  The lamps were only offered complete with MaxBrite burner and special shade made specifically for this lamp. The lamps were offered with both brass and nickel burners.

Both the lamp and shade were produced by Mosser Glass in Cambridge, OH. A limited number were hand-painted at Variety Glass in Beech Bottom, WV. The rest of the shades were left white.






Aladdin signiture series lamp label
Example of the Signature Series label on the underside of each lamp base.
Photo courtesy of Aladdin


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