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Aladdin Model 1 Sold from May 1909 to August 1910

Aladdin model 1 table lamp
1-2/2 qt table lamp
Aladdin model 1 font lamp
1-1/2 qt font lamp

Plume & Atwood is a manufacturing company that manufactured kerosene lamps both under their own labels and under other company's labels.  The Aladdin model 1 is a Plume & Atwood design that was manufactured for several companies, including the Mantle Lamp Company.  The lamps sold by different sales companies differed only by the labeling on the wick adjuster knob.

This allowed the new Mantle Lamp Company company to offer a complete line of lamps including three versions of the table lamp, a fount lamp with two hanger styles, a wall bracket lamp, a parlor lamp and an oil pot lamp.


Aladdin model 1 parlor lamp
parlor lamp

Aladdin Model 1 wick raiser knob

Aladdin modle 1 adjuster back side
Back of the model 1 wich adjuster knob is blank.  The model 2 wick adjuster knob has "Made in USA" on the back in capital letters.


Table - (1 qt plain foot, 1 qt embossed foot, 1-1/2 qt embossed foot )Finish: Polished brass or Nickel plated
Fount (Wall mount, hanging with shade, hanging without shade) - Finish: Polished brass or Nickel plated
Parlor - Finish: Old English, polished brass
Oil pot - Finish: polished brass


Bug screen: None
wick cleaner: None
Shade ring: Parlor - Industry generic 10 inch shade holder with locking rectangular cross section and shade ring. Others - Industry generic 10 inch shade holder with locking rectangular cross section
Shades: table - 201 (white opal), hanging - 203 (white opal dome), Parlor - 202 (green cased glass artichoke)
Chimney: Heelless ball type (rounded bulge near base), Wick riser knob logo at bottom of chimney
Mantle: Cap mantle

1909 Aladdin ad
June 1909 Aladdin ad for agents to sell the new Aladdin lamp

1909 Aladdin lamp ad
Oct 1909 Aladdin ad for agents to sell new lamps

The disassembled burner assembly for a model 1. Plume & Atwood sold this burner to other companies as well as Aladdin. The only difference being the labeling on the wick raiser knob.

Aladdin model 1 early gallery

The earliest of the Aladdin model 1 lamps used an unmounted mantle hung from an inverted 'L' wire.  These were soon replaced by the Cap mantel and the hole and set sccrew for the wire were eliminated from the gallery.

On the right you can see the hole for the wire on the gallery and the set screw.  On the left you an see the set screw.

Aladdin model 1 early gallery side

Aladdin Model 1 one and a half quart table lamp.  While this fount is uncommon on Aladdin model 1 lamps they were the standard for some other Plume and Atwood manufacturered mantle lamps made for other companies.


Aladdin model 1 1-1/2 qt lamp

The 1 quart embossed foot and the 1 quart plain foot table lamps are identical except for the foot.  The 1 quart plain foot is the most common model 1 table lamp.  Some model 2 one quart embossed foot lamps were built so if you see one be sure to check the top of the inner drought tube to see if you are looking at a model 1 or model 2 lamp.

Aladdin model 1 air distributor Aladdin model 1 inner draft tube Aladdin model 1 generator holder

Model 1 burner, mounted with gallery removed

The single low crease on the model 1 wick tube is model specific. Both the model 1 and early model 2 fonts share the same external thread pattern

The pin support for the model 1 button wick is model specific and a quick way to identify a model 1 font. There are two flat metal 'Y' shaped braces, one above the other.

Aladdin model 1 bottom skirt Aladdin model 1 drip plate top Aladdin model 1 drip plate bottom

The bottom skirt at the bottom of the hanging font is shared by both model 1 and 2. There is a single tab at the bottom for mounting the bottom plate.

Inside of bottom plate shared by model 1 and 2 hanging fonts

Bottom of the bottom plate. The slit for the skirt tab is opposite the thumb screw.

Aladdin model 1 wick adjuster gear Aladdin model 1 wick holder Aladdin model 1 generator

The offset wick raiser shaft had a single gear mounted near the end. The gear projected through a hole in the outer wick tube as shown and engaged the wick carrier. This design was used on Model 1, and all model 2 variations.

The evenly spaced holes in the wick carrier functioned as the gear rack for raising and lowering. This style wick raiser was used for models 1 & 2.

With a direct gear pushing against the wick carrier this lamp could be hard to adjust.

The model 1 used the European style button generator.  The generator just sits on the pin and they are easily lost.

Aladdin model 1 gallery Aladdin model 1 air distributor Aladdin model 1 air distributor bottom

The gallery shared by both model 1 & early model 2 took a Cap mantle. The base of the cap mantle slid down over the open cone at the centre of the gallery. The open cone and holes around the top are diagnostic of the model 1 gallery The early Model 2 had the holes but a metal ring under the top to block the holes. Late model 2 did not have the ring of holes nor the patent marking.

The Gallery is marked: "PAT. OCT. 13 '08"

The air distributor is unique to the model 1 burner

Aladdin lamp model 1 foot

Embossed foot found on 1-1/2 quart table lamps and on some 1 qt table lamps. This base was a standard P&A pattern found of several brands of kerosene lamps manufactued by Plume & Atwood during this time.

Underside of an embossed model 1 lamp showing what is usually called the weight ring.  The ring is stamped from a steel sheet  and held in place by crimping the bottom of the brass base around the steel edge.

Most people believe that the ring is there to lower the lamp's centre of gravity.  The weight of a ring  is nowhere near that of a quart of kerosene (about 1-3/4 lbs).  I don't think the ring would noticably affect the centre of gravity on a full lamp.   My belief is that it provides rigity to the foot.  The soft brass is easily bent and a steel stiffening ring keeps the bottom of the lamp flat and stable.

Aladdin model 1 base ring

Shade holder for model 1 and 2 parlor lamps.  Not used on regular table lamps.  It is an industry generic locking rectangular cross section  3 arm shade holder (see below) with a shade ring soldered on.

Ring shade supports were used in model 1 through 4 parlor lamps then bought back for model 23 table lamps that were made in Hong Kong.  The model 3 and 4 parlor lamps used a different ring style shade holder.

Aladdin shade holder

The shade holder used on the model 1 and 2 Aladdin lamps were Industry generic 10 inch shade holder with locking rectangular cross section. There are metal sliders on each arm. The sliders are moved out to mount the shade holder to the base of the gallery, then slid back towards the gallery to lock the shade holder nto place.

Aladdin model 1 through 6 used a filler cap with a flower pattern on top. There were two varieties, vented, with a hole in the centre top and unvented.

Models 1 through early 5 lamps with slotted burners used the vented cap.  late model 5 and model 6 screen burners used the non vented type. The venting equalized air pressure within the lamp allowing the kerosene to be wicked up while the lamp is burning.  The model 6 lamp had venting holes in the centre draft tube above the kerosene fill level.

Style 103 (shown) came without a shade. Style 104 (not shown) came with a white dome shade.

This lamp is shown with an incorrect smoke bell.

This hanger was sold with model's 1 through 4 with slight variations in the mounting ring. The version with shade was renamed style 102B for model 2 through 4.


This hanger bottom ring is unique to the Aladdin model 1. Models 2-4 used a bottom ring that does not have a visible slot in the side

This shade ring was used on model 1-4 hanging lamps that came with a shade.  It just slides down the harp and rests there.

Note the large head shade securing screws.  These screws are unique to this shade ring.  If you are missing one or more, the shade ring is tapped for a 10-24 screw size.


Aladdin lamp smoke bell

Smoke bell was used on all hanging lamps from model 1 through 6.
NOTE: These have been reproduced in brass. The original Aladdin smoke bells are made from a non-magnetic nickel Iron alloy.

Wall bracket used on model 1 through early 4 lamps.  Note the ring is nonadjustable like the model 23 deluxe bracket.  The difference being the pattern stamped into the early ring.

The chimney used on Model 1 lamps were a ball type with the wick adjustor knob logo painted near the base.

Model 1 parlor lamp
Bronze model 1 parlor lamp with correct shade holder

Parts support:

Mantles:  Cap mantle discontiued sometime between 1922 and 1927
Wick/Carrier:  Shared with model 2. Available as unmounted carrier and unmounted wick until sometime between 1917 and 1920.  New wicks can be modified to fit into the early carriers. 
Gallery: The model 1 gallery is required for the model 1 generator.  The model 1 gallery was discontinued soon after the introduction of the model 2 lamp.
Generator: Unique to model 1 and easily lost. This parts was discontinued between 1917 and 1920. This part has been reproduced at least 3 times and reporductions are commonly found on model 1 lamps.
Burner: The model 2 burner base can be used, but factory stocks of the burner seemed to have been used up with late model 2 lamps fitted with the model 3 gallery and generator sold during early model 3 production.
DATE NOTE:  The estimated dates are based upon an examination of price lists and parts list that I have access to.


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