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Aladdin Model 2 - The Transition model Sold from September 1910 through December 1910

Aladdin model 2 table lamp
#101 with 201 shade

The Aladdin model 1 was an off the shelf Plume & Atwood design that used parts already designed, tooled up and recently started into production.  The only thing that differentiated The Mantle lamp company from the other companies buying P&A centre draft mantle lamps for resale was the marking on the wick raiser knob. The model 1 allowed a recent startup company to appear established and much larger than it was.  By the end of model 1 production Samuel Johnson had established a small research department and enough capital for the company to start making changes to the lamps manufactured by P&A for Aladdin.

Model 2 production illustrates the first changes made by the company's new R&D group as they searched for a better, more reliable and easier to use lamp design.  Each idea was rushed into production and tried out. At this writing I own four model 2 table lamps, each different from the other in some way and only one of them is exactly like the model 2 described in J.W. Courter's book. Considering that the model 2 was only in official production for 4 months I'm not sure that identical table lamps were produced for more than a month before another change was implemented. I suspect late model 2 lamps with the new model 3 gallery and generator were sold as model 3 lamps during the model 3 selling season.

I like to think of the Aladdin model 2 as a transition model that was in production while the R&D team was redesigning the Aladdin model 1 into the Aladdin model 3. The large number of changes made from the P&A generic centre draft design sold by the Mantle Lamp Company through the model 3 makes the model 2 one of the most interesting models Aladdin ever made.

Model 2 wick adjustment knobs have "Made in USA" on the reverse side . The reverse side marking is the quickest way to tell a bare model 1  burner base from a bare model 2 burner base.


Table - (1 qt plain foot, 1 qt embossed font [rare])Finish: polished brass or Nickel plated
Fount (Wall mount, hanging with shade, hanging without shade) - Finish: polished brass or Nickel plated
Parlor - Finish: Old English, polished brass or Jap Bronze
Oil pot - Finish: polished brass


Bug screen: None
wick cleaner: None
Shade ring: Parlor - Industry generic 10 inch shade holder with locking rectangular cross section and shade ring. Others - Industry generic 10 inch shade holder with locking rectangular cross section
Shades: TABLE - 201 (see above)   HANGING - 203 (white opal dome), PARLOR - 202 (green cased glass artichoke)
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo near the top
Mantle: Cap mantle, very late production model 2 used the KoneKap mantle.

Early Aladdin Model 2 table lamps:

The early model 2 was basically a model 1 with a different generator and air distributor.  The new generator required a different attachment to the inner wick tube and that the ring of air holes around the gallery cone be eliminated.  I'm unsure if the new air distributor was required for air flow of simply a cost reduction.  The 1-1/2 quart table lamp style was not used in the model 2 or later lamps.

Model 1 stock still in the  factory were reworked to model 2 specs. Very early model 2 lamps have inner wick tubes that have both model 1 and model 2 generator seating grooves. The early model 2 galleries have a brass ring inserted to the underside of the gallery cone to block off the ring of holes.  The early model 2 air distributor was formed from a single brass screen.

Mid-production Aladdin Model 2 table lamp changes:

Once the factory stock of model 1 galleries were used up model 2 production proceeded without the  ring of holes around the top of the gallery cone.   Sometime during production the air distributor screen was changed from a one piece design to a two piece design. 

Model 1 and early model 2 burners have a stop built into the wick adjuster shaft to keep people from adjusting the wick too far.  Sometime during model 2 burner production they left the stop off the burners.

Late production Aladdin Model 2 table lamp changes:

The table lamp bowl was modified  through the use of new bowl tooling.  Changes included the addition of stiffening rays where the bowl attaches to the foot and a smooth raised collar with a threaded insert. These changes were carried into model 3 production.  The diagnostic difference between late model 2 and model 3 table fonts is the threads for the burner and a wider chime.  The model 1 and 2 burners share a fine thread.  The model 3 burner uses a coarser thread which it shares with model 4, 5 and 6 burners. 

Aladdin model 2 and 3 chimes
Model 3 chime on left late model 2 chime on right

The last of the model 2 lamps were shipped with a model 3 gallery and model 3 generator.  These used the  new KoneKap mantles.  There were almost certainly factory and dealer stocks of late model 2 lamps at the introduction of model 3 lamps.   It is my guess that the unsold stock was sold as model 3 lamps along with real model 3 lamps until the stock was used up.

A lot of changes for only officially being offered for 4 months. 


Aladdin model 2 burner

A disassembled early Aladdin model 2 burner. The burner base remained the same as the model 1 burner base including the wick raiser knob. The obvious changes are the flame spreader and the air distributor.

Unique to the model 2 is that "MADE IN U.S.A." is stamped on the back side of the wick adjuster knob. It is the only knob that has writing on the back side.   It is a quick diagnostic between a model 1 burner base and an early model 2 burner base.

Late Aladdin model 2 burner

Late Aladdin model 2 burner has a model 2 burner base that has a wick adjuster shaft without  a stop, two piece air diffuser, model 3 flame spreader and the model 3 gallery for a Kone Kap mantle.


Aladdin model 1 gallery
Model 1 gallery without the blocking ring
Aladdin Model 2 gallery Aladdin model 3 gallery

The early model 2 galleries were model 1 galleries with a metal ring attached to the underside of the centre open cone top to block off the ring of little holes. The model 1 patent marking was still stamped on the side of the early galleries.

Mid production model 2 gallery was formed without the top circle of holes. There is no patent marking on this gallery. This gallery was also used on the early Beacon burner.

Late model 2 lamps were fitted with the new Kone Kap gallery

Early Aladdin model 2 burner base Early Aladdin model 2 wick raiser shaft Late Aladdin model 2 burner top

The top flange on the early model 2 burner is wider than the model 1 top flange.  This top flange is the flame baffle for the centre draft lamps. The vapor zone tends to cling to the flange regulating the location of the flame.  One problem with this kind of baffle is that if you lower the gallery down rapidly after lighting the lamp the flame has a tendency to go out.

As you can see this burner has a single piece inverted cone screen air distributor.

Here is a view showing the wick raiser shaft used on the model 1 and early 2 burners. Later model 2 burners do not have the screw stop.

Late model 2 burner base showing the newer wick adjuster shaft and split screen air distributor

early Aladdin Model 2 air distributor early Aladdin model 2 air distributor Late model 2 air distributor

One piece early Model 2 air distributor. It was replace by a 2 piece screen later in production.

Side view of One piece early Model 2 air distributor.

This is the 2 piece air distributor that came with the late style model 2 burner used on the transition lamp. It is unique in that the outer flange and end flanges are bent in opposite directions. Later two part screen air distributors had all the flanges bent in the same direction. This provided better locking of the parts.

Early Aladdin model 2 table font

Early and late Aladdin model 2 lamp bases
Late model 2 table font left, early model 2 font on right

Late Aladdin model 2 table lamp

Early and mid production (without #1 seat on inner wick tube) model 2 plain foot table font. The easy way to tell this font from the model 3 through 6 fonts is that the lower part of the bowl is smooth and without radial ribbing.

Here is a comparison between the early & mid model 2 table lamp font with the late model 2 font made with the new tooling.  Obvious changes include the addition of stiffening ribs and a collar that holds a thread insert.


Late model 2 table fonts have a smooth neck and internal threads as well as stiffening ribs at the base of the bowl.

Warly Aladdin model 2 inner wick tube Late Aladdin model 2 inner wick tube Aladdin model 2 wick raiser

This very early model 2 table font had rolled threads, the same as model 1. An interesting item on this lamp is that the inner wick tube has both the seat for the model 1 flame spreader supports and the seat for the model 2 flame spreader. This could be called a model 1-2 transition lamp.

Late Aladdin model 2 lamp font has a raised collar with threaded insert so the threads are hidden.  The model 3 table font has a coarser thread insert for the model 3 burner.

The Aladdin model 2 lamp uses the same wick raiser as the model 1. The gear on the wick adjuster shaft pushed directly on the oval holes.

Aladdin model 2 generator Aladdin model 3 generator Early Alladin filler caps

The shape of the model 2 generator is unique to the model 2 plus other brands of Plume and Atwood manufactured lamps of the same era.

Aladdin model 3 generator found along with the model 3 gallery in very late model 2 lamps.  This is the first flame spreader unique to Aladdin

Aladdin model 1 through 6 used a filler cap with a flower pattern on top. There were two varieties, vented, with a hole in the centre top and unvented.

Models 1 through early 5 lamps with slotted burners used the vented cap.  Late model 5 and model 6 screen burners used the non vented type.

Aladdin model 2 wall lamp

The Aladdin model 2 font lamp is basically the same as the model 1 font lamp with a seating ring for the model 2 generator on the inner wick tube and the current Aladdin model 2 production burner assembly.


.Aladdin model 1-4 wall mounting bracket

Wall bracket used on model 1 through 4 lamps.  Note the ring is nonadjustable like the model 23 deluxe bracket.  The difference being the pattern stamped into the early ring.

Aladdin model 2 parlor lamp

Model 2 Parlor lamp


Bottom view

Shade holder for model 1, 2 and possibly some early model 3 parlor lamps.  Not used on regular table lamps.  It is basically a P&A generic rectangular cross section  3 arm shade holder (see below) with a shade ring soldered on.

Ring shade supports were used in model 1 through 4 parlor lamps then bought back for model 23 table lamps that were made in Hong Kong.  The model 4 and presumably most of model 3 parlor lamps used a different shade holder.

Aladdin shade holder

The shade holder used on the model 2 Aladdin lamps were generic Plume & Atwood shade holders of the time. The table lamps used the rectangular cross section shade holder shown on the left. There are metal sliders on each arm. The sliders are moved out, the shade holder mounted to the base of the gallery and he sliders moved back in to lock the shade holder into place.

Aladdin model 2 hanging lamp

The Aladdin model 2 hanging lamp could be ordered with or without the dome shade and shade ring. 


Aladdin models 2-4 hanging lamp detail

The hanger for Aladdin models 2-4 used a different ring lock than the model 1

This shade ring was used on model 1-4 hanging lamps that came with a shade.  It just slides down the harp and rests there.

Aladdin shade ring screw

Note the large head shade securing screws.  These screws are unique to this style shade ring.  If you are missing one or more, the shade ring is tapped for a 10-24 screw size.

Aladdin lamp smoke bell

Smoke bell was used on all hanging lamps from model 1 through 6.
NOTE: These have been reproduced in brass. The original Aladdin smoke bells are made from a non-magnetic nickel Iron alloy.

Parts support:

Mantles:  Cap mantle discontinued sometime between 1922 and 1927
Wick/Carrier:  Shared with model 1. The mounted wick was last seen on a 1917 spare parts list. Available as unmounted wick until sometime between 1920 and 1922  
Gallery: The model 2 gallery  on 1922 but not on 1927 parts lists
Generator: Unique to model 2 and some other P&A manufactured lamps. This parts was discontinued between 1917 and 1920
Burner: The model 1 burner base can be used with model 2 parts, model 2 base with model 3 parts but models 3 and later burner bases have a coarser thread and will not fit.
DATE NOTE:  The estimated dates are based upon an examination of price lists and parts list that I have access to.





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