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Aladdin Model 10 lamp sold between May 1921 through August 1922

 The models 9, 10, and 11 are basically the same lamp with number changes to make them appear to be new products for marketing purposes.  There are very slight variations in the font dimensions caused by tooling used to make the lamp fonts wearing out and being replaced by new tooling.  Other than that the second year of model 9, model 10, and model 11 are the same lamp with very minor changes noted on the model 10 & 11 pages. Please refer to the model 9 web page for pictures of the burner and fonts.  The model 10 was sold concurrently with the second year of model 9 production.  The model 10 had a limited sales channel which makes it fairly rare.

For part of the model 10 production run, a different construction outer wick tube was used. This different construction outer wick tube did not seem to be used on the model 9 lamps built during the same time frame.

Aladdin model 10 rick adjusting knob


Table - Finish: Nickel plated.
Font - (Wall mount & hanging,) - Finish: nickel plated
Transition (very early lamps) - none identified


Bug screen: Early style bug screen
wick cleaner: skirted type with straight bottom. Labeled "WICK CLEANER"
Shade ring: Under burner shade ring. nickel finish
Shades: table - 501-9. Hanging - 516 (both white painted clear glass and opal white glass)
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo

Aladdin model 9 outer wick tubeAladdin model 10 outer wick tube
Left: outer wick tube used on model 9, some model 10 and model 11
Right: outer wick tube of different construction and used only on some model 10. The most obvious difference readily seen is a one piece top flange.  This flange is dual purpose in that it eases the wick back into the wick tubes when lowering the wick and it serves as an air baffle to regulate the location of the flame.

 Aladdin model 10 flame spreader
Model 10 flame spreader. Dimensions and shape are identical to model 9 and 11 flame spreaders.

Aladdin model 10 maunual
Cover of model 10 user manual


Aladdin model 10 wick box
Front of Aladdin model 10 wick box. Model 9, 10 and 11 wicks are identical.




Parts support and interchangeability:

Mantles: Production of Aladdin KoneKap mantles ceased in 2007. In 2012 Aladdin introduced an adapter that fits onto a model 3 through 11 gallery that allows the use of a Lox-On mantle with the earlier lamps.
Wick: The model 11 wick can be used in model 7 through 11 lamps. 
Gallery: The model 7, 9, 10 and 11 galleries can be used.
Generator: Model 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 flame spreaders can be used. The model 11 flame spreader was discontinued in 1955.
Burner: Model 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 burners can be used with this lamp.



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