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Aladdin Model 9 lamps

sold in US and UK 1920 into 1922

Aladdin hanging lamp
Aladdin table lamp

The Aladdin model 9 lamp introduced entirely new fonts while retaining a slightly refined version of the model 7 burner and model 8 wick raiser. This design carried through models 10 and 11 with a few variations.

The burner base and outer wick tube used on models 9, 10 and 11 remained the same as the model 7 and 8 burners. The model 8 wick raiser was also used unchanged. There were minor changes to the construction of the flame spreader and gallery from the earlier lamps.

The model 9 was in production for two years and was sold concurrently with the model 10 during the second year.

There are two versions of the model 9 lamp. The early version has the model 9 designation below the diagonal Aladdin logo on the wick raiser knob and the table font has a wide flat bottom flange in the model 6 style.

The late model 9 version, like the models 10 and 11 have the model designation over the diagonal Aladdin name and a table font that has a narrower crimped foot flange.

The early model 9 used the same mini wick holder that was used on the model 8. The mini wick holder disappeared with the introduction of the reinforced wick that has built in mounting tabs. This appears to be around or just a little before the time when the model 10 was introduced.

The model 10 and 11 lamps are basically identical in design to the late model 9 making them essentially marketing "upgrades" and not technology upgrades.

I would guess that the early model 9 style was in production during the first year and the late style was in production during the second year when model 10 was concurrently produced.

Aladdin model 9 UK wick raiser knob
Brass model 9 London wick raiser knob


Aladdin wick raiser too
Early model 9 wick raiser knob


Aladdin wick raiser
Late model 9 wick raiser knob


Table - 2 versions. Finish: Nickel plated. Very few early model 9 lamps came in satin brass
Font - (Wall mount & hanging,) - Finish: nickel plated
Transition (very early lamps) - nickel plated model 8 gallery


Bug screen: Early style bug screen
wick cleaner: skirted type with straight bottom. Labeled "WICK CLEANER"
Shade ring: Under burner shade ring. Nickel finish
Shades: table - 501-9 hanging - 516 (both white painted clear glass and opal white glass)
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo


Documents (pdf):

Complete model 9 burner assembly

Aladdin model 9 burner


Except for the numbers on the flame spreader and the wick raiser knob this picture could be for the models 10 and 11 as well.

If you compare this picture with the model 7 & 8 burner picture you will see the same burner design with minor construction variations was in production from 1917 through 1928. This was a very successful design for Aladdin.


Aladdin flame spreader Aladdin outer wick tube

Model 9 flame spreader

Model 9 outer wick tube. This design was used for model 7 through 11 (Some model 10 outer wick tubes had different construction). Note the outer air distributor and top flanges are separate parts held onto the outer wick tube with punch dimples

Aladdin model 8 & 9 wick raiser Aladdin wick raiser

Wick raiser and mini wick holder used on the early model 9 and the model 8 lamps. When the reinforced wick was introduced for both the model 9 and 10 the wick holder became a thing of the past. The model 8 wick raiser was used through model 11.

The wick riser on the left was used in models 8 through 11. The one on the right is a model 12 wick. It can be difficult to tell which is which when you only have one to look at. I find it easier to think of the early riser tooth rack as being fine tooth and the model 12 as being course tooth.


Aladdin Gallery


The gallery on the left is for models 7 and 8. The nickel plated one on the right is for models 9 through 11. Other than plating the way to tell them apart is to look at the oval hole in the 'fingers'. The earlier gallery has a larger hole. The oval hole in the early gallery fingers are nominally 0.23" wide by 0.54" high, while the later gallery hole is nominally 0.18" wide and 0.5" high. The extra metal on the later gallery provides increased strength to the chimney retaining finders.

Comparison of early and late model 9 table font bases:

The table font on the left is the early model nine font that came with the early model 9 burner . The font on the right with the narrower crimped base is the late model 9, model 10 and model 11 style. Unfortunately you can not see the crimp in the foot flange very well in the picture.

Parts support and interchangeability:

Mantles: Production of Aladdin KoneKap mantles ceased in 2007. In 2012 Aladdin introduced an adapter that fits onto a model 3 through 11 gallery that allows the use of a Lox-On mantle with the earlier lamps.
Wick/Carrier:  Models 7, and first year of model 9 production for unreinforced wicks
Wick: The model 11 wick can be used in model 7 through 11 lamps when the model 8 through 11 wick adjuster is used. 
Gallery: The model 7, 9, 10 and 11 galleries can be used.
Generator: Model 7, 8, 9, 10, and 11 flame spreaders can be used. The model 11 flame spreader was discontinued in 1955.
Burner: Model 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 burners can be used with this lamp


New for the 1921 model year (second year of Aladdin model 9 production) and for Aladdin model 10 production
Unmounted reinforced wicks

Aladdin reenforced wick
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