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Model 12 Vase lamps Sold from 1930 through 1935


Cat # 1243 Venetian art craft green

The model 12 vase lamps were Aladdin's first glass lamps. The first all glass table lamp was the model A introduced in 1932.

A vase lamp is a glass or ceramic bottomless vase with a model 12 oil pot lamp. Aladdin also made electric lamps using the same vase as the kerosene lamps.

There are approximately 23 different colour and shape versions of the vase lamp available in the US plus a Crown Devon ceramic vase lamp in the UK that was available in two colours and two different burners. The next vase lamps Aladdin manufactured were model 23 and 23A lamps.

There appears to have been 4 different styles of vase lamps made for the North American market plus a fifth style that may not have made it into production.

1930 - 1931, Venetian art glass, 12 inches tall, 3 feet, gold band around base

1931 - 1932, Venetian art glass, 10-1/4 inches tall, 3 feet, gold band around base

1933 Ceramic, 10-1/4 inches tall, 3 feet

1934 - 1935, Venetian art glass, 10-1/4 inches tall, 6 feet, wide contrasting band around base

1935 The last model 12 design was a classic Italian influenced 8-1/2 tall glass lamp called the Florentine (Not to be confused with the model 23A Florentine).

UK Crown Devon ceramic vase lamp was available in two colours. This lamp vase is ceramic and shaped like the 10-1/4 inch tall venetian art craft vases. The base has a partial bottom with a large draft opening. Of course the lamp came with a London model 12 burner or in a model 14 (Superaladdin) version.


Bug screen: Screen can style with bottom facing fingers. During these years it was still called a bug screen.
Wick cleaner: skirted type with curved bottom labeled model 12
Shade ring: gallery mount shade ring in sizes below. Brass finish
Shades: table - Parchment paper shades, 16, 17-1/2, 20-1/2 diameters and many different decorations. No fluted.

The model 12 oil pot was made to the industry standard oil pot dimensions enabling it to be used as a lighting upgrade to other brand centre draft lamps that took an oil pot. Finish was satin brass. It is fairly common to see these in lamps not made by Aladdin so do not be fooled by the burner. The model 12 oil pot was sold both as part of a vase lamp and by itself for use in upgrading other brands of lamps that used oil pots.

The 10-1/4 Inch Venetian art craft vase is clear glass with the inside painted. The pattern, if present was applied to the outer surface. It has 3 wide feet and a gold trim painted around the bottom.

Aladdin model 12 red vase lamp

#1248 Venetian art-craft red mosel 12 vase lamp. The red colour is on the inside and the outside  has a deco finish. With the clear glass in-between the result is a triking deep finish lamp.  One needs to be careful not to over scrub the outside while cleaning so as not to remove the outer finish.

Aladdin model 12 vase


Aladdin model 12 black vase lamp

The ebony black venetian art craft vase was either finished in a sand like pattern (right) or the crystalline link pattern (left). It did not come as a solid colour.

Aladdin model 12 vase lamp

The alpha art glass vase is clear glass with paint fired to the inside surface and a contrasting colour band around the base. These are 10-1/4 inches tall and have 6 feet.

Aladdin Vase lamp

The last design was a classic Italian influenced 8-1/2 tall glass lamp called the Florentine. It was made in 1935.  This design was resurrected in 2004 for the model 23A Florentine vase lamp.

Crown Devon Aladdin vase lamp

Crown Devon ceramic vase lamp came in luster orange or pastel green. There were both model 12 and model 14 (SuperAladdin) versions.  Shade options were whippolite or vellum. I do not believe the lovely fluted shade on this lamp is original. They came with smooth sided shades, 18 inches in diameter at the base. This lamp is easy to identify in that it was made of ceramic and has the Crown Devon crest stamped on the underside of the vase.

The model 12 version used  a standard model 12 oil pot.  The early model 14 version used a model 12 oil pot without the centre draft tube.  Late model 14 versions used a  special oil pot that appears to be model 12 above the chime but new below the chime.

The vases were also used to make Aladdin electric table lamps.

Green Crown Devon with #14 burner
Model 14 Aladdin oil pot
Late #14 oil pot as used in late Crown Devon lamps

Thanks to John Whitehead for the Crown Devon pictures and for coming up with the late #14 oil pot.



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