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Aladdin Model 12 Floor Lamps Sold from 1928 through 1932


birdcage lamp

The model 12 floor lamp was Aladdin's second entry into the kerosene floor lamp market. Aladdin's first floor lamp was a model 6 that used an oil pot. This lamp was offered for sale in 1915 and 1916. They were very expensive, very few were sold and Aladdin dropped out of the market.

In 1928 the model 12 "birdcage" model was introduced in two colour schemes (#1250 & #1251). This lamp may well have had Aladdin's most colourful paint scheme ever and even had holes for glass prisms to be hung.

In 1930, the ornate birdcage lamp was replaced by a simpler pole lamp that used the model 12 oil pot. This lamp also came in two colour versions (#1252 & # 1253).

In 1933 the model 12 floor lamp was replaced with the first of the model B floor lamps.

Aladdin model B kerosene floor lamps stayed in production though 1951. There was a gap during world war II, 1943, '44 and ;45 during which no metal lamps were manufactured.

oil pot lamp

Catalogue numbers 1250 & 1251 "Birdcage" (1928, 1929):




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