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Aladdin Model 14 lamps made in Austria (manufactured sometime between 1932 and early 1938)

Aladdin Austrian lamp
Austrian made Aladdin model 14 table lamp

Aladdin Austria shelf lamp
Austrian made Aladdin model 14 shelf lamp

All four of these lamps were acquired by collectors in Austria and all except a mammoth font lamp are clearly marked as made in Austria. The lamps were found in different places within Austria and all have the same type brass burner.  To date these are the only specimens that I am aware of. If you have or have seen another, please .

The burner on all four lamps were made in USA and exported to UK in 1932.  The lamp fonts are identically marked marked with the manufacturer's address.  The street name in the address was changed in March of 1938. Assuming that the burner is original to this lamp this dates the lamp to between 1932 and early 1938. It is believed that the lamp bodies were manufactured by a yet unknown company.

The table lamp came with a British DAVISIL chimney. The shelf lamp with a newish one line heelless chimney obviously added much later. The giant font lamp came with a straight Lox-On chimney that is believed to be original to the lamp.

During the 1930's Aladdin France was the only Aladdin marketing office in continental Europe.  During that time they sold some Aladdin UK lamps as well as some lamps that had UK model 12 or 14 burners and unique lamp fonts made specially for Aladdin France.  One such example is the Aladdin France model 1250 shelf/hanging lamp

The Austrian made Aladdin model 14 lamps were likely commissioned by Aladdin France and intended to be sold either throughout Europe or within the areas controlled by the Third Reich.  This lamp apparently did not go into wide production.  It might have been because of protectionist activity from the Austrian company Ditmar-Bruenner AG which had a virtual monopoly on Austrian kerosene lamp sales.  Or it might have had to do with rising international tensions from the rise of the Nazi party. We will likely never know.

The Austrian  company Flamme Bleue Gesellschaft sold this lamp.  Flamme Bleue Gesellschaft was an Austrian subsidiary of the French company Flamme Bleue Paris, full mame Societe des Fourneaux a Petrole Flamme Bleue.  This company started business in 1899, manufacturing petrol burning heaters and stoves.  1930 Flamme Bleue product catalogue. (pdf file)

Austrian Aladdin model 14 table lamps
Brass finish lamp Austrian lamp

Aladdin Model 14 wick adustment knob
The burner is the same on both lamps and was manufactured in the US and exported to the UK in 1932 just before burner production started in the UK

All lamp pictures and translations on this page have been provided by the Austrian collectors who currently own these lamps. 
Thank you for sharing it with us.


At first glance the Austrian table font would appear to be a common UK Aladdin model 14 Super Aladdin font.  At a second glance the vertical section of the bowl just below the chime stands out. The outer collar for the threaded burner insert stands up and is not recessed like the Aladdin London model 14 font.

The stem on the Austrian made model 14 lamp is taller and narrower making the Austrian lamp slightly taller than the Aladdin UK lamp. Also the chime on the Austrian Aladdin model 14 lamp is narrower than the Aladdin UK lamp.

Aladdin Austria and UK model 14 table lamps
Aladdin UK model 14 lamp on left, Austrian made model 14 table lamp on right


Aladdin model 14 Austria font side view
Austrian made Aladdin model 14 lamp

Bottom ring of Aladdin model 14
Bottom of Austrian model 14 table lamp

Like the Aladdin UK model 14 table lamp the Austrian model 14 table lamp has a wide base weight ring.

Though the sides of the table and shelf lamps look the same, the base is different indicating that different tooling was used  below the chime. The font above the chime appears to be made from the same tooling.


Austrian Aladdin model 14 shelf lamp base

The filler cap on the Austrian model 14 lamp is very different from that of the Aladdin UK model 14 lamp.  Also note that the chime is much narrower on the Austrian lamp.

Aladdim Austria model 14 filler cap and Aladdin UK model 14 filler cap
Aladdin UK model 14 lamp on left, Austria made Aladdin model 14 lamp on right

Aladdin model 14 threaded insert
Austrian model 14 burner raised threads and filler cap

Aladdin model 14 Austria top view

What really makes the Austrian manufactured lamp stand out is the embossed labeling on the top of the font bowl above the chime.

Since the late 1920's stronger trade barriers were put into place thought Europe to protect domestic manufacturing. Country of manufacture labeling became increasingly important along with local manufacturing to avoid increasingly stiff tariffs.

Aladdin name label on model 14 lamp
Marking on table lamp



Aladdin marking on Austrian Aladdin model 14 shelf lamp
marking on shelf lamp
Aladdin model 14 manufacturing markings


FLAMME BLEUE GESELLSCHAFT = name of Company that manufactured the lamp
WIEN = City, Capital of Austria
XII = 12th District of Vienna
BIEDERMANNG. 29 = Biedermann Gasse
Biedermann is the street name and G. is short for Gasse just like Rd. or St.
Gasse means a secondary side street.

These lamps are believed to have been manufactured prior to 1939 because the street name was changed from Biedermanngasse to Lagardegasse in March 1938.

Large Austrian Aladdin font lamp
A store lamp?

Aladdin Austria font lamp
This large Austrian front lamp was made from completely different tooling than the others and uses a custom straight chimney. There are no markings on the font.

Chimney dimensions: height, 30 cm (11.8 inches), dia at to, 7.3 cm (2.9 inches). Base is the standard Aladdin 2-5/8 inches.

Aladdin Austria font lamp comparison
A size comparison between the standard size Austrian Aladdin font lamp and the larger Aladdin lamp.
Dimensions for the larger lamp: Dia. 19 cm (7.5 In), height (incl. thread) 11 cm (4.33 in)


Aladdin Austria chimney base
The base of the chimney narrows down to fit the gallery and has the Lox-On attachment flanges.
There are no markings on the chimney.

Aladdin Austria store lamp threads
Threaded insert for the model 14 burner and inside of filler cap

Aladdin Austria store lamp base
One piece base of the large Aladdin Austria font lamp

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