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Aladdin model 23 Genie III Font lamps (1999 through 2016 ) plus American Lamp Supply versions.  MaxBrite Genie III font lamps   Model B glass font lamps


Aladdin model 23 Genie III lamps
The Aladdin model 23 Genie III font lamp has been produced in several colours. The most common are clear and brown.


The mold for the Genie III lamp appears to have been made from a Model B glass font lamp The dimensions are the same between both lamps and the mold seam marks are located in the same place for both versions.


Aladdin Model B and model 23 comparison
Model B left, Model 23 Genie on right

So how do you tell the model B from the model 23?  The collar on a model B has an indentation ring going around it.  The collar on the model 23 Genie III is smooth.  In unmodified lamps the model B filler cap is taller than the model 23 filler cap. The glass exterior of the model B lamp is smooth.  The glass exterior of the model 23 lamp is just barely noticeably wavy pattern.


2005 Vaseline glass genie III

100 genie III Vaseline fonts were made and sold for the 2005 Aladdin knights gathering. They were sold as bare fonts with brass collars and filler caps. This glass glows under a florescent light and looks different under sunlight when the light is shining on it or with the light shinning through it.

Aladdin model 23 Genie III vasoline glass Aladdin Genie III vasoline UV

A footnote in Genie III production and colours: Glass lamp molds wear out and get replaced during production. When a new Genie III mold was sent to the glass company to produces samples to verify the mold the company had blue glass in the pot. Approximately 5 cobalt blue Genie III founts were produced and sent to Aladdin for verification. At a later date Aladdin had a miscellaneous parts sale and those sample were sold. Consequently there are approximately 5 cobalt blue Genie III lamps out in the wild.


New for 2012

During 2012 Aladdin started offering a honeycomb pattern model 23 Genie III lamp This is from a different manufacturer than the earlier model 23 Genie III fonts. Except for the pattern the dimensions are the same as the earlier 23 Genie III and the common model B glass font lamps. Production of both of these lamps and the clear Genie III extend into the transition to MaxBrite burners so can be found with either 23A or MaxBrite burners.


Aladdin model 23 Genie III amber lamp base
Dark amber honeycomb pattern
Aladdin lists this as "Brown" but but it does not look brown in a side by side comparison
with the previous brown Genie III.

Aladdin model 23 honeycomb Genier III font
Cranberry honeycomb pattern (C6110)
Discontinued at end of 2017.


Roots of the Genie III

The Genie III lamp mold was first used by The American Lamp Supply by Tom Teeter.  These lamps became Aladdin lamps when the group of enthusiasts, including Tom purchased the Aladdin Mantle Lamp division.  Lamps made from this mold and fitted with Aladdin model 23 burners and were also sold without burner. These lamps were offered from at least the mid 1980's.The lamps sold by the American Lamp Supply came in Alacite Beige, soft green, light pink and a medium blue. All but the blue version could be easily mistaken for a Model B lamp. Especially if fitted with a model B burner. When purchasing a model B glass font lamp be sure to examine the collar to see it it has a crimp or not.

American Lamd Supply font lamps
Picture from American Lamp Supply catalogue

0153-02 Alacite beige
0153-03 soft green
0153-04 light pink
0153-06 Medium blue

American Lamp Suply Brown Genie III Bottom of brown Genie III lamp

It appears that American Lamp supply also produced a milk chocolate brown lamp as well


I suspect that American Lamp Supply soft green, Alacite beige and possibly the light pink versions have been fitted with model B fonts and mistakenly sold as model B glass font lamps or sold as model B fonts without a burner.  It would behoove the buyer to check the collar and the surface texture of one of these lamps before buying.

As long as you know what you are buying these are very lovely lamps that can stand out in a collection.  The American Lamp Supply versions could be purchased with a matching colour model B style glass shade.




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