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Aladdin Model 5 lamp Sold from September 1913 through August 1914

early Aladdin model 5
Aladdin model 5 lamp

This is a single year production lamp that underwent a major revision near the end if it's production run, producing a late, or transitional model 5 version. The early version uses the Aladdin model 4 burner base labeled model 5, model 4 wick raiser and the model 4 table lamp bowl. The earliest versions are reported to have a model 4 gallery without the model 4 stamp.

Near the end of it's one year production run a number of changes were made. A new burner base was introduced that used a screen type body and an insulated outer wick tube. The round hole pattern introduced on the bottom half of the #4 wick carrier now covers the entire carrier. New tooling is used to create the chime that holds the top half of the bowl to the bottom half. This creates a rounded wide chime on the newer lamps (Older ones had a flattish wide chime).  This burner appears to be the same as the early Aladdin model 6 burner in all things except the number on the knob.

The Aladdin model 5 font lamp is still 1-1/2 qts but gets a redesigned lower bowl half that included stiffener rays at the base like the table lamps have. This is unique to model 5 fonts.




Aladdin model 5 adj

Aladdin Lamp font lamp


Table - Finish: Satin brass, or Nickel plated
Font (Wall mount & hanging,) - Finish: Polished brass, satin brass or Nickel plated
Oil pot - Finish: Satin brass
Transition (very early lamps) - Early model 5 lamps are reported to look like #4 galleries only without a date. Early version used a number of model 4 parts as described above.


Bug screen: None
wick cleaner: 3 prong style, unlabeled or marked
Shade ring: ?
Shades: table - ?, hanging - 215
Chimney: Heelless globe type (rounded bulge near base), crest logo
Match Holder: Model 5 lamps (possibly just late model 5) came with a copper plated steel match holder that had pockets for the instruction booklet, warranty card, a spare generator and the wick cleaner.  These early Match holders did not have the Aladdin name on the holder.

Front model 5 burners Aladdim model 5 burners

These illustrations show the early (right) and late (left) versions of the Aladdin model 5 burner. The early model 5 burner is basically the same as the 3 and 4 burners except for the labeling on the wick adjuster knob. The late model 5 burner design was carried into the early model 6 burner. The obvious change is that the slots on the side of the burner has been replaced with a perforated metal screen.

This late burner incorporates an insulated outer wick tube. I do not know what problem the insulation tried to address but it was abandoned between one and two years into the model six burner production run.

The third change in the burner is the air distributor design. The two piece design was replaced by a single piece design.

Since the late model 5 burner is virtually identical to the early model 6 burner I find myself wondering how many late model 5 lamps have been sold and collected as model 6 lamps because someone misread the 5 to a 6.

Early Aladdin model 5 gallery

Very early model 5 lamps used a gallery that looks like the Aladdin model 3 or 4 gallery.  The difference is that the model 3 and 4 galleries are marked and the very early model 5 gallery is unmarked.


Aladdin model 6 gallery

The later gallery commonly found on both the early and late model 5 burners is the same as was used on the Aladdin model 6 burners.  These are marked "PATENT APPLIED FOR"


Model 5 wick carrier

Model 5 wick carrier.

Model 4 and model 6 wick carriers have also been found in model 5 lamps. The Aladdin model 4 wick carrier may have been provided with early model 5 lamps

Aladdin Lamp model 5 flame spreader

The model 5 flame spreader is the same overall size and shape as the Aladdin model 4 flame spreader. Starting with the model 5 flame spreader the top row of holes is placed on the diagonal.  This diagonal top row of holes produced a more uniform flame with less spikes compared to the flat top thimble style flame spreaders used by the model 4 and Aladdin's competitors.. This improvement was patented by Aladdin which is why you didn't see it adapted by Aladdin's competitors.

Only the UK model 11 flame spreader deviated from this new patented design of placing the top row of holes diagonally.  The UK model 11 flame spreader had a flat top similar to the model 4 flame spreader but has a ring of holes on the flat top.

Air distributor for the early version is the same as Aladdin models 3 and 4.
Aladdin air distributor The late Aladdin model 5 air distributor is an all new one piece design. The outer flange has disappeared and an inner flange faces up for a friction fit on the flange on the outer wick tube. This design was used for all model 6 production as well.
Aladdin Lamp model 5 base The model 5 1-1/2 qt font looks the same as the model 4 font except for the addition of stiffening rays along the bottom. The rays at the base is the diagnostic feature of the Aladdin model 5 font.
Aladdin lamp foot comparison Comparison of the Aladdin model 5 font (left) and the Aladdin model 4 font (right). Both are 1-1/2 quart fonts that share the same bottom skirt design with 18 holes (model 3 had 23 holes).
Aladdin lamp model 5 & 6 bases Comparison between the early Aladdin model 5 font (left) and the late  model 5 font (right). Though both fonts have rays at the base.  The late model 5  & 6 fonts have many fewer rays. The late model 5 font is Aladdin's first 1 qt font lamp and has a different side profile than earlier font lamps.  It is identical to the early model 6 font.
Aladdin Lamp font base

Bottom drip plates used on models 3, 4, 5, late model 5 and early 6 font lamps.

Aladdin model 1 through 6 used a filler cap with a flower pattern on top. There were two varieties, vented, with a hole in the centre top and unvented.

Models 1 through 5 lamps with slotted burners used the vented cap.  late model 5 and model 6 screen burners used the non vented type.

Aladdin lamp smoke bell

Smoke bell was used on all hanging Aladdin lamps from model 1 through 6.
NOTE: These have been reproduced in brass. The original Aladdin smoke bells are made from a non-magnetic nickel Iron alloy.

Aladdin model 5 hanging lamp

The Aladdin model 5 hanger is a new type that with a thicker wire frame was carried into model 6 production.  Note the smoke bell on this hanging lamp is incorrect. This hanger takes a style 215 white glass bell shaped shade.

Diagnostic of the Aladdin model 5 hanger is a 3/16th inch diameter rod frame. The model 6 hanger of the same style has a 1/4 inch diameter rod frame.


Aladdin model 5 wall bracket

The wall mount bracket for the model 5 lamp is the first expanding version.  Previous wall brackets had the same pattern as the mounting ring on hanging lamps but were non-expandable.

The mounting rings on the wall mounting brackets and on the hanging lamps have the same pattern and when expandable, the same expansion latch.

Aladdin model 5 mounting ring

Parts support:

Mantles: Production of Aladdin KoneKap mantles ceased in 2007. In 2012 Aladdin introduced an adapter that fits onto a model 3 through 11 gallery that allows the use of a Lox-On mantle with the earlier lamps.
Wick/Carrier:  Models 3, 4 and 6 mounted wicks can be used. Model 6 wicks were discontinued in 1955. 
Gallery: The model3, 4 and 6 galleries can be used.
Generator: Model 4, and 6 flame spreaders can be used
Burner: Model 3, 4 and 6 burners can be used. The thread diameter was changed starting in model 7.





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